Happy Birthday Misa :-) :-D

To the dream of my night, To the life of my day, To the vision of my Eye, To the beat of my Heart, To the Soul of my Life, Wish you a Happy Happy Happy Birthday… 🙂 Wishing you a happiest, fulfilled, satisfied Life 😀 (y) #BeHappy #FriendForEver #NeverLostFrienship In some perspectives, 3 years… Continue reading Happy Birthday Misa 🙂 😀

Did YOU called me?

Saiyasodharan saiy2k@gmail.com 9952998132 https://www.facebook.com/Saiyasodharan https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SaiyasodharanR/posts Tring Tring… Tring Tring… ! It was some unknown number and I picked up the phone. “Hello Sai“… A familiar, long forgotten Voice that shook my whole body. I couldn’t believe myself. All my emotional thoughts confirmed that It is `you`. My rational thoughts nowhere to be found, completely out… Continue reading Did YOU called me?

A Lonely Masturbator – First enlightment – Part 2

For other posts in the series, visit here. Internet Connection @ Home Though I had Computer @ home since 8th Standard, I did nothing but gaming and exploring new softwares. It was in 10th Standard that I got Internet Connection in home. Till that point, it was not much difficult for me to stay away from all the… Continue reading A Lonely Masturbator – First enlightment – Part 2

All the best in your new Adventues, Arun Esthack !!!

Pani Puri Trademark I was sleeping. Few friends rushed in to home. My mom welcomed them happily, hoping they would help her in her crisis to wake me up, as I was sleeping from morning without even having my lunch and all her attempts to wake me up was in vein. I dont remember exactly… Continue reading All the best in your new Adventues, Arun Esthack !!!

Wrote an Exam like never before

Two days back I was called by my friend, Arun and he requested me to assist a blind guy named Justin in writing his exams. I very gladly accepted to be a Scribe and spoke to Justin through phone. He was doing his final year in B.A. English Literature and he was actually from Namakkal.… Continue reading Wrote an Exam like never before


Hi, I am SaiYasodharan and I am Hardcore gamer and am maintaining a blog @ saigameworld.blogspot.com. Apart from gaming, my interests are Programming, Space Science, Movies, Cartoons, Atheism and more….. I bought my Computer in the 2002. At that times, all I know in Computer is Doom 98, Road Rash, Mortal Kombat 4, Dave, Sky… Continue reading Awakening