May the 4th be with you

Dedicating the title to all ‘Jedi, Padawan and Dark lords’ in my Circle and around the world. If you don’t watch Star wars, ignore the title. Grassroots Business Development Team My primitive NGO website sales process yielded me 0.37% conversion in Tamilnadu last month, bringing in 32 orders in Round 1 (More here). Now I… Continue reading May the 4th be with you

Week 8 to 12: Q1 Closure

Gudibande Trek March started with a 1 day trek to Gudibande fort. It’s super dry, I mean super super dry (look at the photos) and hot. Still loved the climbing part. 33 orders for NGO Websites 😀 Reached out to all 6700+ NGO in Tamil nadu and got orders to build High quality, affordable websites… Continue reading Week 8 to 12: Q1 Closure

Week 3, 4, 5: 2021 – Wallstreet got Wallstreeted

Continuing travel from last week (Cuddalore) to Nagapattinam and to Native – Pattukottai. Few snaps. On Grassroots NGO Self Signup: All these days (or years), NGOs had to be registered manually. Now as we are planning to onboard a huge number of NGO in near future, I setup a Self signup page, where any NGO… Continue reading Week 3, 4, 5: 2021 – Wallstreet got Wallstreeted

Week 1: 2021

For past couple of years, I am not writing as much as I intend to. But this year gonna be upside down. Planned to write a short summary every week, of course mostly pertaining to Grassroots progress. So here we go… New year G Surendar Thina and wife came home. Gifted me this awesome `Think… Continue reading Week 1: 2021