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Bitcoin + Goa – Could there be any better combination than this? This time it’s not just two, but 4 people from Tamilnadu. Me, Saravanan (the obvious), Ashwin, and Kashyap. Big applause to Bitcoin4India (Anant, Abhilash and the whole team) for organizing this.

For our Goa adventures, will write a separate post on that.

The bitcoin4inda logo design is the best

Day 1

Conference started with a very good topic “Why bitcoin conference?” with the amazing panel:

Then Stephen livera joined us. As obsessed ‘Bitcoin Twitter’ plebs, we don’t have any new information to be learned from the speakers. So we started interacting with other fellow plebs, getting to know more about what they do and such.

And met Paco after almost a year. He now traveled to 29+ countries taking Satoshi’s message to the ground. Also met Prince Agrawal who is a bitcoin ground soldier taking Bitcoin to the villages of Rajasthan.

By noon, Burjis took his presentation on the deep history of economics, and finance and a fact-ful presentation on assets of the world and how Bitcoin is going to eat them ALL.

The punch of the day is when Kashyap opened all our eyes saying the full form of PoS is ‘Proof of Shit’!

Few images from Day 1

Day 2

Started with Samson mow (Bitcoin for nations), then Paco shared his decentralized, cross-border journey (along with how bitcoin dropped and raised in price as we traveled). Izzy gave an excellent talk.

We didn’t spend much time on the Tech stage. But during yesterday’s after party, we get to meet all the techies out there, who work on various things from Core-Lightning, Bcoin, Galoy, etc., India is building the freedom tech, behind the scenes. And with Summer of Bitcion advancing in its vision, the growth is only exponential. Also met with Vishal/Ishi after months.

Satoshi’s Bitcoin is Humanity’s Jugaad!

Izzy, Bitcoiner

Few images from Day 2:

Out of the 4 stalls, 2 stalls that interested me are

1. Bitcoin T-shirt stall by Radhika and co

2. Bitcoin artwork by Prince and Co

Why do we do all this?

Because ‘we’ love freedom, hate tyranny, and love to challenge the establishment. But what’s wrong with the establishment?

  1. They silenced Galileo Galilei, for the simple act of speaking out his observations.
  2. They killed Bhagat Singh, for he did what is right.
  3. They harassed and still harassing Julian Assange for speaking out loud about the crimes done by the establishment
  4. They named Edward Snowden as a traitor, for he published how they are fucking up with the fundamental human rights
  5. They killed Aaron Swartz just to make a statement that messing around with the establishment will cost your life.

‘They’ are the establishment. ‘We’ are the people.

This is not a 14-year war. This is an eternal war between freedom and oppression.

And 14 years back Satoshi handed over to us the most powerful weapon ‘Bitcoin – Separation of state and money.’ And we are just getting fking started!

– Peter Joseph –

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