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All about 2022 and hey 2023

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Started this year with Isha’s Shambavi Mahamudhra yoga class. Perfect start 🙂

Back to start of 2022. With a heavy heart, I had to wind up my startup Grassroots. Maybe I will write a story about that later.

Then took a dev role at a fintech startup, Figital. I am usually a person, who does a number of things. But in 2022, I toned down my pace, a lot. After an extremely exhausting second sprint (2 years) in grassroots, I was obv. super burned out.

This post is a journal highlighting important events in 2022.

1. Bitcoin genesis day

Started the year with the Bitcoin genesis day event. AMA event in the clubhouse on why bitcoin, not shitcoins:

2. Bitcoin Mumbai meetup

Attended bitcoin meetup @ Mumbai. Met with Raj, Ravi, Anant, Abhilash and many other amazing plebs.

3. My first scuba experience @ Pondy

4. LN Lighthouse

Built a lightning network hobby project. LN Lighthouse, lightning network explorer

Fking yes. That’s fiatjaf himself! 2 years from now, once the anonymous nostr creator fiatjaf leaves the project in our good hands, I am going to make a NFT out of this pic, and dump it on all my no-coiner friends.

5. Chennai bitcoin meetup

With this meetup, 2 success happened.

  • The internal success is the birth of a new maxi, Ashwinkumar. He was a maxi even back then. But for this event, he finished reading ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ book.
  • Meetup itself is an external success. Thanks to Ashwin for organizing this end-to-end. Because of his efforts, we got 18 attendees, in midst of a deep bear market.
By the power vested in us by the blood of satoshi, we signed Ashwinkumar as a new bitcoin maxi from chennai.

6. Nostr comment widget

Made UI for a nostr comment widget built by fiatjaf.

7. Pulicat lake visit

8. Coorg trip

With my dear school friends. A separate post on this later.

9. All India Bitcoin Conference

Attended India’s first all India bitcoin conference @ Goa.

10. The big news of all

I am now officially a developer in Bitcoin Industry. Big thanks to Francis, the Bull bitcoin team for providing me with this wonderful opportunity, and all fellow plebs who advised me, and helped in reaching out to get this opportunity.

If you are a bitcoiner, you should definitely follow Francis. He is not just an entrepreneur doing a bitcoin company. But he is a proper cypherpunk person reflecting its true values (/a hyper-toxic maxi). To get a glimpse, check Bull bitcoin launch video.

What’s ahead in 2023?

Started this year with Isha’s Shambavi Mahamudhra yoga class. I actually practiced this in 2018. Been practicing this regularly as well. Joined again just for re-practice. Day 1 of 2023 was an excellent day with Isha people doing shambavi.

In the class, I see so many people in their 30s, 40s who couldn’t sit idle for an hour. Very sad. Checkout my last year post on Health and see if that helps in anyway,

Throughout my career, I always prefered following my heart rather than doing a traditional corporate career. Out of this journey, was born:

  1. The anti-corruption NGO, Gray face of India
    • Looking back at our mission statement, “Reformation of Indian Administration”. How stupid and naive we were to believe that all the mess could be fixed from inside the system, by the tools provided by the system.
  2. and the startup, Grassroots

But in both these ventures, doing the right thing != doing the best for myself. Bitcoin actually fixed this. Thank you Bitcoin, Thank you Satoshi. In the words of a senior most Indian maxi:

Eagerly looking forward to what sort of adventure lies ahead in 2023.

Swami Vivekananda on Bitcoin maxis. The rate of innovation happening in the bitcoin space is mind-boggling. Compared to the scammy (crypto) space, people here are very very small in number. In the next decade, the world will know our impact!

Gratitude section

Huge thanks to my friend, mentor Saravanan mani for being with me, and guiding me throughout the journey regardless of all the atrocities that I do.

Roughly 40 years into the life of the internet protocol (TCP/IP), there is almost no INFORMATION that isn’t touched by it.
Sameway, 40 years into the life of the #Bitcoin protocol, there will be almost no MONEY that isn’t touched by it.

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