New year resolution(s) for real – 2015

Never in my lifetime, I took serious new year resolutions, though I take sarcastic ones. But for 2015, I decided to take some, hmm, actually a lot and for real! But it’s sort of checklist rather than a resolution. Physical fitness Achieve a target of running 21 kms in beach sand. (Right now I am… Continue reading New year resolution(s) for real – 2015

Happy Birthday Misa :-) :-D

To the dream of my night, To the life of my day, To the vision of my Eye, To the beat of my Heart, To the Soul of my Life, Wish you a Happy Happy Happy Birthday… πŸ™‚ Wishing you a happiest, fulfilled, satisfied Life πŸ˜€ (y) #BeHappy #FriendForEver #NeverLostFrienship In some perspectives, 3 years… Continue reading Happy Birthday Misa πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

Happy Birthday

Had a wonderful birthday celebration in office with cakes, balloons and above all friends. This will be one of my unforgettable birthdays. Thanks to my friends Avis Da Vinci, Android Rooban, Raghul Jobs, Stalin Gates, Sumesh Saala, Aruna Sorna and all others for making this day, a very special wonderful day. And thanks a lot to all… Continue reading Happy Birthday