Dolphin in Marina, Chennai

1 Mins read
I guess I spotted Dolphins in Marina, Chennai. Watch the video and comment if they really are dolphins!

ECR Forest Exploration @ Night

3 Mins read
A 2 year wish fulfilled 🙂 It was almost 2 years ago since I ventured into Pine forest in ECR before Mahabalipuram….

100 kms Cyclers club!

3 Mins read
First Team Cycling I am pedalling for almost 5 years now and always wanted to form a Cycling gang 🙂 In that…

Hyderabad Diary – Day 1

7 Mins read
Scene 1: Hyderabad Bus TerminusDate and Time: June 23, 2015 11:30 AMCharacters: Yokesh and Me The Arrival Bus delay by almost 2…