Sadhasiva Kona falls – Trek

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One day adventurous trek to Sadhasiva kona falls with Gowtham and his friends.

We headed to Arai falls, Nagalapuram to start with. I was damn sure, it was closed. But Gowtham’s friend were saying, their friends recently visited it. So we went all the way only to find that it was closed. Then we changed our target to Sadhasiva kona falls.

After another 50 long kms of travel, we reached the place. But it’s already noon. From the entrance to the actual falls, It was a draining 9 kms walk through the woods. But it’s totally worth it.

After hours of walk uphills, the first look at falls was breathtalking. Some people felt like the falls was not worth it, given the hard and long walk. But I would walk even another 5-10 kms to get this view and jump into the pool 🙂

And the scary experience was the return walk. We started the return only by 5pm and roughly half way through it was full dark. Though scary as hell, it was a wonderful experience.

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