Why Bitcoin – Part 1

It’s 2017 bull run that initiated me into the Bitcoin rabbit hole. It’s a hell of a roller coaster ride since then and still it is.This blog series is to share my thoughts about Bitcoin, beyond Money / Pricing / Investments. Let’s get started… Before Bitcoin, few foundational questions… 1. Do you remember reading about… Continue reading Why Bitcoin – Part 1

My logical next step: The Toxic Bitcoin Maximalist

It all started 4 years back, when I came into the crypto space just for money. But then it turned out to be an amazing, mind blowing journey deep into the rabbit hole. After exploring so much into it, here I am, as “A Toxic Bitcoin Maximalist”. Andreas Antonopolous explains the Crypto journey in the… Continue reading My logical next step: The Toxic Bitcoin Maximalist

Week 8 to 12: Q1 Closure

Gudibande Trek March started with a 1 day trek to Gudibande fort. It’s super dry, I mean super super dry (look at the photos) and hot. Still loved the climbing part. 33 orders for NGO Websites đŸ˜€ Reached out to all 6700+ NGO in Tamil nadu and got orders to build High quality, affordable websites… Continue reading Week 8 to 12: Q1 Closure