How to Land Your Dream Job in the Bitcoin Industry: A Personal Journey

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The Bitcoin industry is a powerful countermeasure against the current corrupt status quo. It offers unparalleled opportunities for those driven by political activism, human rights, and the unwavering spirit of cypherpunk ideals.

Bitcoin serves as a shield against government overreach, debasement of the currency, and the devastating effects of inflation on the livelihoods of everyday people.

By undermining centralized control (Socialist economy), it empowers individuals to take charge of their own financial destinies.

Navigating the Bitcoin job market might seem challenging, but with the right skills and strategy, you can land your dream role. In this post, I’ll share the key steps from my personal journey.

  1. Master Technical Skills: Practice DSA problems on LeetCode, focusing on medium difficulty, and become proficient in your tech stack, such as React and JavaScript.
  2. Create a Hobby Project: Together with my friend Saravanan Mani, we developed a real-world project called LN Lighthouse (, a visual lightning network explorer with lots of cool CSS animations. This showcases our skills and provides valuable hands-on experience.
  3. Explore Job Opportunities: Search for open positions on websites like and individual company career pages.
  4. Network Effectively: Connect with Bitcoin industry professionals on LinkedIn and Twitter, sending direct messages to express your intent and ask for connections or referrals.
  5. Seek Expert Advice: Use platforms like to gain insights and advice from prominent Bitcoin figures, potentially broadening your job search reach.

Two interesting challenges from My Bitcoin Job Interviews:

I’d like to share two intriguing challenges I encountered during my interviews. Although I won’t reveal the specific problems or the companies, I’ll provide a high-level overview of the tasks I was asked to complete.

  • React App for a Feature Phone Keyboard Simulation: In this challenge, I was asked to create a React app that simulates the keyboard of a feature phone. To input the word ‘bitcoin,’ the user should press the following keys:
    • b: 2-2
    • i: 4-4-4
    • t: 8
    • c: 2-2-2
    • o: 6-6-6
    • i: 4-4-4
    • n: 6-6
  • The given time to complete this task was 40 minutes.
  • Node Application for Bitcoin Blockchain Analysis: The second challenge involved writing a Node.js application that connects to the Bitcoin blockchain and performs an interesting ancestral analysis for any given transaction. This task requires minimal understanding of the blockchain, but the ability to construct efficient data structures and effective algorithms that can efficiently analyze and extract relevant information.

These challenges provided unique opportunities to demonstrate my technical expertise and problem-solving abilities, ultimately contributing to my success in securing a position in the Bitcoin industry.

On Job terms

It’s important to note that many Bitcoin companies are early-stage startups, and might not be profitable yet. That means the compensation packages they offer might differ from those of established IT companies. Even if you’re capable of clearing interviews at tech giants like Google or considering leaving a lucrative job at a MAANG company, don’t expect the same level of compensation in the Bitcoin space. Be prepared to take on a 2-3 month short-term role initially, allowing both you and the company to acclimate to one another before transitioning into a full-time employment contract. This flexible approach can open doors to rewarding opportunities in the rapidly growing Bitcoin industry.

My Journey’s Destination: Developer at Bull Bitcoin

After interviewing with five different Bitcoin companies, I finally landed a role at ‘Bull Bitcoin.’ I’m deeply grateful to all my friends who supported and encouraged me throughout this journey. A special mention goes to my good friend and mentor, Saravanan Mani, for his immense support during this entire process. Additionally, I’d like to thank Francis Pouliot, Bull Bitcoin’s CEO, and my new team for providing me with this golden bitcoin opportunity in the Bitcoin space.

PS: Post content generated with the help of ChatGPT and images in mid journey.

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