Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

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A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time: “A Brief History of Time” – A brilliant book by a brilliant Man. Stephen Hawking beautifully explains the evolution of Science about the evolution of Universe, starting from Ptolemy’s Earth centered model, Newton’s apple story,…

1 Book down – The Lean Startup

1 Book down – The Lean Startup

One of this years Goal is to read 6 books. Accomplished it 🙂 The book is `The Lean Startup`.  I wish I had read this book a year back and deeply regret for postponing this all this time. It’s an amazing…

India’s Struggle for Independence – Book read

India’s Struggle for Independence – Book read

Started reading this book almost 2 years back, before Dec 2015 floods. I learned a HELL lot and as with any book that I read, this one too is a big Eye opener. Intent of Post The intent of this…


Grassroots – Chennai’s Volunteering App

Why Grassroots?

We have so many Social network out there.

  1. Facebook to share Personal connections
  2. Twitter for Trending news
  3. LinkedIn for Professionals
  4. Instagram for Creative content
  5. Quora, Reddit for Q&A
    and many more

But in this world of ever increasing

  1. Social problems,
  2. Failing Governments,
  3. Racial Violences,
  4. Climate Change issues

Don’t we need a Social network for us?

The Peace makers, The Healers, The Activists, The Misfits, The Volunteers, The Change makers?

That’s what Grassroots is about.