Why Bitcoin – Part 5

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With Bitcoin conference happening last week, I am more pumped than ever! The bunch of all unstoppable codes just levelled up.

One of the best Bitcoin videos ever made

Conference opening video @

Few takeaways from the Conference:

  • Pro Blockchain is Anti Bitcoin – Peter Thiel (But then he had the mother of shitcoins in his slide!)
  • Yes. 2022 made Bitcoin conference into a shitcoin conference.
  • 3 new jurisdictions adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender
    • Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal
    • Honduras
    • Mexico in plans
  • Jack mallers/Strike integrate Lightning network with top Payment gateways in USA.
  • Impervious: Building a p2p decentralized Internet.
    • Google docs without Google
    • Zoom calls without Zoom. Demo video call initiated for just 14 sats.
    • Running over Lightning network. 100% censorship resistant, end to end encrypted.
Bitcoin doesn’t intend to eliminate the government, It fixes the government!

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