2 years in Digient Technologies

WARNING: Gonna be a long lengthy post Exams over, College is over, very dry / depressing part of life: Job Hunt. Actively looking for job, attending interviews with friends, practicing aptitude problems, solving sample interview question papers and many. Have full day to play games, watch animes, but some fear/responsibility not letting me delve into those. Game Development??? Another Big Question… Continue reading 2 years in Digient Technologies

Saiy2k Binary: New Blog :D

Hi, I started yet another blog on open source. I planned on writing a lot about open source softwares and so I dont want to clutter this one. Also, open source softwares obviously wont fit into SaiGamingWorld. So, created a new blog on http://binarysaiy2k.blogspot.com/ Check it out, – Saiyasodharan

Web Site for my Bro – Online Airline Reservation Programme

I had been contacted by my brother, Kiruba(who is in Saudi now) few months back about developing a web site for him. I took up this project a month back and been doing it in weekends. I know how I am good with designs, so I didnt tried creating the web design myself. Instead, I… Continue reading Web Site for my Bro – Online Airline Reservation Programme

Made my first step in my Dream Career

After nearly a month of job hunting, I finally got a job, which I always dreamed to do 😀 Yeah, I am now a Flash Game Developer in Digient Technologies, T. Nagar. Actually, I wanted to be game developer in the sense, to get into Core Game Development. But the one I got is only… Continue reading Made my first step in my Dream Career

I am New to Embedded Programming

Gopi desperately needed some Embedded Programmers for his shop, as he got some new contracts. So, he asked whether I know embedded Programming. I have absolutely zero knowledge in that field. But, because of his push, I started reading the PIC Microcontrollers and MikroC. After a bit of Introductory Concepts from Palanivel, an expert in… Continue reading I am New to Embedded Programming

Sai’s Keyworder

An Application to automatically generate labels and keywords for your Blog or Website with a neat and simple UI. This application searches for repeating words in your text and if the frequency of the word occurance, goes greater than the specified threshold value, then the word qualifies as Keyword. This application is intelligent enough to… Continue reading Sai’s Keyworder

Sai’s RenRep

Sai RenRep is a Simple Application to rename a large number of files at once and to replace text that occurs in a number of files. Replacing text can be applied only to simple text files like txt, html, asp, etc., Version: 1.0.5 Software Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5 Download here: Screenshot of RenRep