Made my first step in my Dream Career

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After nearly a month of job hunting, I finally got a job, which I always dreamed to do 😀 Yeah, I am now a Flash Game Developer in Digient Technologies, T. Nagar. Actually, I wanted to be game developer in the sense, to get into Core Game Development. But the one I got is only a Casual Game Developing. But I think for a start, its not bad and its wayyy better than writing database queries in some other IT company 😀 I was very very happy with this, but my mom was little bit unsatisfied as the salary is only 8K. Though, she said okay, understanding my interests. Thanks mom…

In the past 1 month, I attended interviews in 5 companies and out of them 3 are consultancies. 1 of them is Esquire Systems and the other one is this Digient. Yesterday I went to Esquire Systems and cleared all the 3 rounds and got selected there itself. But the job is Java/Oracle Developer and they wanted me to sign a bond for 2 years. They even not yet told the salary too. But from what I heard, the salary would be around 10 to 15k(just a rumour). But I never thought myself as a Java/Oracle Developer and so rejected it. Not yet informed them about my decision. They told they will call me in a few days to hear my decision. Gonna say No.
I am gonna join on coming monday, that is on 14/6/2010.
Very Very thanks to all who wished me good luck and helped me to make my dream possible and here I wish all my friends who are all searching for jobs or aiming for Higher studies do their best and achieve their goal…
Apart from job search, I had been spending time playing online game with my friends in the past month. More here in my Game blog and been watching the anime Naruto and its the best, though not as touching as my all time favourite, DBZ. Thanks a lot to Arun for letting me know about Naruto and for downloading Death Note for me after I finished with Naruto 😀
More Later… Cya,

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