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I had been contacted by my brother, Kiruba(who is in Saudi now) few months back about developing a web site for him. I took up this project a month back and been doing it in weekends. I know how I am good with designs, so I didnt tried creating the web design myself. Instead, I spent a week on searching for good and also free to use web themes and found a nice one at I took that design and made little changes to match our needs and started working on it.
The development is now over and the web site is live at is about:
He is taking an Online course on Airline Reservation and several other tasks related to it including Air Ticketing. This web site is to advertise his Online Airline Reservation Programme that he is undertaking, with partnership from Virgin Atlantic.
Thanks to
When I started investigating on which host to choose from, I was overwhelmed by the number of options available. So, simply without any thoughts I chose yahoo, which costed Rs. 3000/year for both the Domain Registration and Web hosting. Kiruba also felt fine with this, because he was in a hurry to finish this soon. But some wise words from my friend Stalin made me look for some cheap hosts.
Suddenly came to my mind is It may not be a number 1 web host in the internet. But, afterall, its doing a great service of publishing of anna university engineering results for such a long time. So I checked it out and as expected, it was much cheaper at Rs. 900/year.
So without much delay, I created a account there, registered the domain and hosted the web site.
The job is not yet over:
The site is Live but still my job is not over and next comes the hardest part, marketing. I need to SEO the site and drive in traffic. Kiruba is ready to invest in Adwords, but I need to utilize his money efficiently bringing in more traffic / buck. Hope that work also goes fine.

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