May the 4th be with you

Dedicating the title to all ‘Jedi, Padawan and Dark lords’ in my Circle and around the world. If you don’t watch Star wars, ignore the title. Grassroots Business Development Team My primitive NGO website sales process yielded me 0.37% conversion in Tamilnadu last month, bringing in 32 orders in Round 1 (More here). Now I… Continue reading May the 4th be with you

Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 3 of 4

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With the awesome team mentioned in the previous post, I planned to keep myself away from Coding. Being a passionate developer, it was a hard decision to keep my hands away from keyboard!   But rather I planned myself   to focus on pulling in volunteers with Gowtham through College sessions, (this is totally new… Continue reading Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 3 of 4

Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 2 of 4

June 24. I met Rajesh Kanna in Neelangarai @ CTC's Garbage segregation event. Went half an hour early at 5.30 AM and took this awesome sunrise shot from Neelangarai beach. Best scene. Only like 20% of the actual experience is conveyed through the photo. It was maginificient there. I love beach!

Co-operative social Enterprise It’s May, 2016 end. Now the Blue print of the project is ready and also got a idea on economic model. Now I call myself an `emerging anti-capitalist` after getting a very slight understand of what capitalism is doing to people and environemnt with the `infinite growth policy in a limited planet`.… Continue reading Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 2 of 4

Appinos: Go Christmas – Seasonal App missed its Season

Struggle for Idea: After the success of iDiwali, we(Appinos team: myself, avis, raghul, madhu, tilak) were brainstorming for almost a month on what to do next. We fixed the idea of doing an app for Christmas, but to get the actual idea we struggled a lot. Each and every one of us came up with… Continue reading Appinos: Go Christmas – Seasonal App missed its Season

Appinos: Grand Hit with iDiwali iPhone Application

Avis Manoj, Rahul Raghavan, Rooban Ponraj and myself had this idea of developing our own mobile applications (or games). We just wanted to do something and we got this awesome idea of creating a mobile application for Diwali festival. iDiwali Screen Development: We started both the development and graphics works in the mid of september,… Continue reading Appinos: Grand Hit with iDiwali iPhone Application

Adra Adra !!!

My dream is to develop games, that reflects Indian Culture, Indian History and based on Indian Myths and exclusively targeted for Indian Audience. AdraAdra: So, I decided a long back to develop a simple, much localized Facebook game. My friend Jyothiswaroop tagged along with me. We started this “Adra Adra” project some 4 months back.… Continue reading Adra Adra !!!

Saiy2k Binary: New Blog :D

Hi, I started yet another blog on open source. I planned on writing a lot about open source softwares and so I dont want to clutter this one. Also, open source softwares obviously wont fit into SaiGamingWorld. So, created a new blog on Check it out, – Saiyasodharan

Web Site for my Bro – Online Airline Reservation Programme

I had been contacted by my brother, Kiruba(who is in Saudi now) few months back about developing a web site for him. I took up this project a month back and been doing it in weekends. I know how I am good with designs, so I didnt tried creating the web design myself. Instead, I… Continue reading Web Site for my Bro – Online Airline Reservation Programme

2D Self Assembler

2D Self Assembler, this is one of my Master piece, that I developed for my College Final Year Project. History of Project: I wanted to develop some game for the project, which I can apply for Imagine Cup 10 too. But, developing games was not allowed. So, after much thought, I thought of porting the… Continue reading 2D Self Assembler

Green Game

I developed this game Green last year to compete in the Imagine Cup 09 Competition hosted by Microsoft and I got selected for Semi-Finals. This is a 2D scrolling Role Playing Game, that brings awareness about some problems, our world is facing, such as Pollution, AIDS, Terrorism. In this Game, the players plays the role… Continue reading Green Game