Appinos: Grand Hit with iDiwali iPhone Application

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Avis Manoj, Rahul Raghavan, Rooban Ponraj and myself had this idea of developing our own mobile applications (or games). We just wanted to do something and we got this awesome idea of creating a mobile application for Diwali festival.

iDiwali Screen

We started both the development and graphics works in the mid of september, spent day and nights in weekends doing the development. Faced so many technical difficulties, other commitments, lack of devices to test (we never did test in Retina Display before launching!) and many other problems. But our strong desire to achieve drove us to iDiwali’s completion.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to develop iDiwali for Android as there are soo many technical difficulties like lack of good particle system API in the major game frameworks and we didn’t have enough time to implement our own.

Launch and Grand Hit:
iDiwali made into app store on Oct 22nd and in 2 days crossed 1000+ downloads. We seriously never expected this much from iDiwali. The day before Diwali (on 25th) iDiwali got listed on top 25 free apps in app store, which boosted up our downloads count in thousand folds. It was listed as the top 2nd free app and the No. 1 free app in Entertainment category. We hadn’t concentrated much on marketing, but this listings helped us a lot in spreading the app.

At the time of writing (Dec 2, 2011), the current download count is 20361 (thanks to rahul for counting that up)

Get iDiwali for iPhone
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We named our brand APPINOS, after brainstorming with almost about 100 names. Apart from those mentioned in the beginning Avis’ friends Mathumathi, Tilak, Gowri Shankar are also part of Appinos. Now, we are developing an app for Christmas, very busy with it. Hope the christmas also surpasses our expectations.

Big thanks to all my friends, avis room mates and my MOM who supported (and allowing me to stay in avis home day and night) me and helped me in achieving this 🙂 I am very very happy that we did an app on Indian theme showcasing an Indian festival as the first app for Appinos 🙂

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