Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram

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Myself and Alex have been planning for this epic mahabalipuram walking plan for a long time and today is the day we are gonna do that for real. We both are not sure whether we could make it, but we have a strong will so we wont be giving up easily. Our plan is to go Mahabalipuram by walk, we expected to walk the whole night and reach there by morning. Then take some rest there and come back in bus (hopefully not in Ambulance :P).

Good Start:
Alex started walking from his home itself and came to my home at 7:50 PM. We took just 2 water bottles and started our journey. My mom was very mad at me for doing like this, but when we started she wished us good luck. We met Arun Balaji in my street end, I told him about our adventure. At first he thought I was joking and didnt believe in me, but then when he realized he scolded us VERY badly, wished us and then we proceeded.
I stopped by at an ATM in Saidapet to get some money, but that ATM was out of order.

Great Progress:
We crossed Raj Bhavan at 8:22 PM and while crossing RAMCO near Madhya Kailash signal, Sabari called to just scold me. Thanks da nanba. There met Ajay unexpectedly, he was leaving office with his colleagues. Looted almost all the sweets he had and we proceeded in OMR.

I tried taking money in the ATM near our college bus stop. That too out of order.

We reached SRP Tools at 9:22 PM, Alex showed much enthu than me, we both labelled ourselves as Psychos for being so enthusiastic on this trip. Stopped by in Perungudi for snacks, had a soup and proceeded. While near thorapakkam we decided to go through my college road to visit my college. We reached my college at 10:20 PM. Spent some 10 minutes in there. I Missed my college days very much. In College my time was in my control could take leave any time I wanted. In classes, can sleep the whole day and so many other things.

We had 2nd dinner at Neelangarai and proceeded. By this time we felt little tired. By this tiredness is in no way stop our progress. Reached VGP at 11:38 PM and while crossing Mayajaal at 1:03 PM, Alex told his leg is paining a little. I asked whether we could take some rest, but he said NO.

As both of us are tired, we decided to rest for a while. We sat in a bus stop in Kanathur at 1:13 AM, where a policeman came by and interogated us. We told about our adventure, he strongly suggested us to stop all this and go back home. But we told him its fine and that we can handle this. He tried convincing us but left after a while. We resumed walking at 1:45 AM and crossed MGM at 2:09 AM. Alex was struggling a lot, we reached Muttukadu Yellow board stop at 2:22 AM and I told alex to stop as I thought it was hard for him to continue. He too agreed.

We waited there for bus to show up, but we were sure any bus would come only after 4 or 5 in the morning. A stranger came by and started chatting with us, we were little cautious with him and didnt sleep because of him. I am in big confusion, whether to continue walking or go back with Alex. I am also very much tired but not totally exhausted. So I thought I could go even further.

Left Lonely:
At 4:27 AM, 19G bus came, alex boarded it and I proceeded alone. Crossed Muttukadu backwaters, it was beautiful. Crossed Kovalam at 5:15 AM. Awesome looking scenery left to the road with pine trees. I went in and I reached beach. I called Alex and it seems he almost reached Saidapet and then continued walking in beach. There I saw the sun rise, climate is very chill. Its a beautiful experience in there, but I was feeling very sleepy. I sat down for 10 minutes to enjoy the scenery, but I slept, then woke up and continued walking. As it was hard to walk in beach, I came to ECR road in Vadanamelli and then the time is 6:23 AM.

I bought a biscuit packet, ate all the biscuits and continued. Then only I remembered I am running low in cash and got to find some ATM soon. But there was no ATM around that area.

Mission Failed:
I was pushing myself to Mahabalipuram, my body was so tired and I was feeling very sleepy. At times, the eyes getting closed while walking. I tried hard to control myself, but couldnt. So I decided to abolish the mission and go back to save myself. Very hard decision when I am just 13 kms away from from my destination. But my body was crying so I boarded a bus in Sulerikaadu at 7:20AM.

Fortunately I got a seat in bus and I slept after taking the ticket. I had a deep sleep that I felt like only a couple of minutes passed when I reached Velachey. From Velachery, I took 5A bus and bought Saidapet ticket for Rs. 7, which left me with 5 rupees in my purse. Yeah, still I didnt go to ATM. But anyways, I thought I dont need money anymore as I am almost home.

Unexpected Twists:
In 5A bus, I was standing next to conductor and near the steps, when my vision started blurring and I lost control over my body. I was trying to stand still, but I started falling over people on my side, felt like I could go unconscious any time. My eyes got closed resisting my will, but still I can hear people talking and I could stand somehow. People around me says to conductor to stop the bus as I am about to fall, when someone from my behind got my back and helped me to get down. Still my eyes were closed, my body not responding and I am very much alive consciously. I remember I had only 5 rupees in my purse and tried telling people that I need some money to go back home. It was very hard to speak, though I managed to spell out a few words. On hearing my words, someone inserted some money in my packet. I was very happy at that second but I am very afraid how I am going to get back home. Ofcourse, I could call my friends, but I thought that wont be appropriate.

After getting down the bus, I sat on platform and the guy who helped me get down was asking whether I would like to have some soda or anything. I can hear all his words, but couldnt reply anything. I sat there for some 5 minutes and that guy bought me 2 water packets and helped me to drink it and he splashed it in my face. Then I regained control. Amazing feeling, as if the nine tailed fox inside me gave me strength 🙂

I stood up, said thanks to the guy who helped me and seeing me up, he left and got a bus. I went to a tea shop and bought a soda and drank with the money someone put into my pocket. It was a 20 rupees note. Thanks a lot strangers, very timely help. Few buses came, but I didnt boarded them and stood still. Just want to make sure I am alright, before boarding a bus. Some 10 minutes passed, so feeling of fainting except for the tiredness and so I boarded a TNagar bus and was rush as hell. I tried getting inside, but its too crowd. I had no choice but to stand in footboard. I am very much afraid that what would happen If I faint while in foot board. Hoped it wont happen and I continued hanging from the final steps.

Home SWEET Home:
Somehow, I reached Saidapet safely. Felt Horrible and Awesome, very weird feelings. But I dont have mental/physical strength to walk to home. So, I called up my friend Sridhar to pick me up. He came immediately and dropped me in home. He doent know about my adventure and when I said the whole story, he scolded me badly(pacha pachaya…). Then he bought me glucose packet. Then I slept the whole day.

Though the mission is failed, I am very much happy and felt very satisfied for walking to such a distance. But still the mission remains unaccomplished, which I will fix up in the future.

Thanks a lot to my friends and strangers who supported me in this mission. Special thanks to Alex Raj for accompanying me in this mission and a very big special thanks to my MOM for allowing me(though after big long fights) to pursue this.

Adventures continue…

Our Journey marked in Google Maps:

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