What is true Love? 001 Alpha

Date: February 2nd week, 2011 List of Episodes @ Index Avis in Skype “Good Morning all. We have been planning for outing for a long time. Today is friday. Shall we go somewhere today evening? Please suggest some ideas” Rooban Ponraj, Sumesh Elumalai and Stalin agrees with any place, they dont have any specific ideas and they… Continue reading What is true Love? 001 Alpha

Mahabalipuram Cycling Trip

For some reason, I felt absolutely crazy today. Not at all in a mood to go to office, especially since I don’t have any tasks assigned to me. So, thought of bunking today, taking rest in home. I called up my TL, requesting for sick leave and it was granted 🙂 I had no plans till 11:00,… Continue reading Mahabalipuram Cycling Trip

Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram

Myself and Alex have been planning for this epic mahabalipuram walking plan for a long time and today is the day we are gonna do that for real. We both are not sure whether we could make it, but we have a strong will so we wont be giving up easily. Our plan is to… Continue reading Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram