MGM with Digient Mobile Team

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I bought 6 coupons using Spencer/Coke offer for MNM, planning to go with Digient Mobile team. After discussion, Avis Manoj told he is not coming because of some work. So instead of Avis, Rahul Raghavan told that he will bring his friend with him.

We started from Saidapet at 10.30 AM, but Rahul and his friend didnt came. He told us to go on and that he will come and join us later. In saidapet itself, we bought plenty of snacks for our lunch, as I know the cost/quality of food inside MGM. Also, we took 2 coke bottles with us. With all this good preparation, we reached MGM at 12.30 AM.

As I told everyone what happened the previous week regarding the crowd and cost of rides, we were all hoping that wont be the case that day. But as we entered MGM, we saw a even big ultimate shock. It was a board from MGM management that said, “Sorry people due to some obvious reasons, the spencer/coke voucher was not valid anymore. Thanks and Visit again”. But we didnt give up and proceeded to the Ticket Counter and saw the same board in Counter 5, where we are supposed to exchange our coupons. But I moved that board a little apart and talked to the person sitting inside. After much hesitation, he gave us the tickets. His reactions were like, we are doing something wrong and he was helping us doing it. I dont care as we got the tickets now 🙂

We started our adventures with the Big Ferris Wheel at the start. It was not an intense ride, but good for a starter. The good thing is most of the rides are free, except a very few. So we enjoyed all those free rides. After some time, we settled at a good place and started with our lunch. Then, we took rest for some time and again started with our adventurous rides. We went in almost all the rides missing out only the pay rides.

Time is past 3:00 PM and so we urged to the water rides. By the time we reached Thunder Wave it was already open. So we changed clothes and went inside. In Thunder Wave the depth increased as we go straight inside. We went to the last where a rope was tied to stop people from moving to the 6 ft depth. Rooban Ponraj and Sumesh Elumalai dared to go even more deep but got scolded by the MGM staffs and came back. We performed all sorts of stunts like jumping from others shoulders. Apart from all this, some ultimate comedies happened in Thunder Wave, which are better when not written here.

For few hours, we spent between the Kutralam and Thunder Wave and before leaving, those guys started taking snaps and spent almost half an hour, taking photos in all the angles in Kutralam. After the photo session, we planned to go straight to Roller Coaster. On the way we saw that Motion Simulator and we went in it. It was the worst ride I ever seen. It was like a TV show with ultimately boring video. Immediately after we came out of the motion simulator, we commented badly about the ride making other people in queue to move, creating awareness. But sadly nobody responded.

Then we went straight to Roller Coaster. It is a pay ride costing Rs. 25 for one ride. We all bought the tickets and went in it. Its just a 2 to 3 minutes ride but it was awesome with a DEEP drop and an inverted twist in the track. For me it was the most intense ride in the whole MGM.

After Roller Coaster we went in all the mini rides that we missed. Then we sat in a mini park and started crunching the snacks, emptied all the bottles and proceeded to the skill game area. Stalin Pusparaj tried his best on the ball throw and the other marble game and even won a key chain in the marble game. Only after playing we found that the games were setup in a way such that we require more luck than the skill and the games are actually like gambling.

Then we started leaving the campus taking a hell lot of snaps on our way back. The moment we reached the bus stop a bus came, we boarded it and even got seats.

It was an awesome day at MGM. Thanks to Rooban Ponraj, Sumesh Elumalai and Stalin Pusparaj for all the fun. Missed Rahul Raghavan and Avis Manoj.

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