MGM with Mission 11

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An awesome/terrible one day trip to MGM Theme Park with Mission 11

Official Sponsors:
This grand event is mainly sponsored by Vivek as a treat for his first salary and other special sponsors inculde Spencers Daily and Coke. Yeah, these days Mission 11 became so famous that Spencers and Coke agreed to sponsor us by providing us with 500 rupees worth MGM ticket for just Rs.120 along with two 2 coke bottles 😛

Official Assembly Time is 8.30 AM in mani Home. But, as expected from Mission 11, it took 9.30 AM for everyone to come. We started sharply at 9.30 AM. 14 people came including Myself, Makesh, Yuvaraj, Sivaraj, Sunish, Arun, (Vivek, Karthik, Mani), Vicky, Gopi, SP Karthikeyan, Goutham and Siva’ school mate. Myself and Sivaraj went together in his bike. The ride to MNM went fine till our people met a speeding pair in ECR. We cant control our nerves and started chasing and overtaking those couples. That guy came along for some time trying to overspeed us, but he failed miserably and stopped in the middle.

MGM welcomed us with Big Vada:
We all reached MGM at roughly 10.30 AM and if anyone been wondering why I wrote “awesome/terrible trip” in my first line, here is the reason. MGM was overcrowded for two reasons: Sunday and the Spencer/Coke offer. Because of the big crowd, MGM management decided to make all the rides non-free, except a very few rides. Everyone was unhappy, we can do nothing about it. So, we went in. After big fight, Sunish managed to get the tickets in the middle that horrible crowd and we all entered.

Free Roaming:
Since most of the rides were not free, we were just roaming to find the free rides taking a hell lot of snaps in between. Mani maakkan and few others stopped near all the mango trees trying to get some mangoes. Lunch Time came and we all had food and it was also not so good. But no one cared, we are all very hungry and ate everything.

Thunder Wave and Water Rides:
After finishing food, we all went to Thunder Wave. But, myself and Arun didnt go to water rides as we were not feeling well. We found a nice lawn and slept there. After a couple of hours, everyone came back, packed the things and we decided to go back.

We all came back to saidapet and I came back home as I was not feeling well. But others went to mani home, prepared some non-veg dishes on their own and finished the day weirdly with fun.

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