Hide N Seek in Office

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For the past few weeks, we were playing a game, where we hide something valuable of a carefully selected victim and make him cry before giving it back to him and today we reached the pinnacle of that game.

The main plan was started with Aruna who wanted to take revenge on Sumesh for making her cry on last friday and I am also very eager to piss off Sumesh, as I was the victim on last saturday. So, we waited for the right opportunity and we saw Sumesh logging into facebook. So, that the time for it and we took his bag and took it to first floor. After spending some time, we found that the best place to hide is to put it under the sofa. So, myself and Rooban lifted the sofa and hid the bag under it.

After lunch, I left my tiffin box in the first floor itself, knowing it will be looted if I took it down. To avoid suspicion, Aruna told this brilliant idea to hide her lunch box also, so we all three can search together for our bags and boxes leaving Rooban, Stalin and Raghul to be the primary suspects.

So, I took aruna’s bag with her knowledge and told her I will hide it somewhere and will inform her of where I hid it. But my plan was to hide it in a more secure place and tell her that I hid it in some place and someelse took it, thus making her bag lost 😀  But Raghul and others spoiled my plan by telling aruna not to trust me. Unfortunately, she took their advice and she was following me. I found her following me and told her to trust me and also I told her that if sumesh caught us both with me holding aruna’s bag, then everything will be spoiled. But she was not taking my words and we were having an argument. Very unfortunately, Sumesh and Stalin were coming down and caught us red-handed. But still I managed to avoid suspicion by telling Sumesh that I tried to hide aruna’s bag and she caught me here. Then we went back and continued with our work.

While working, Rooban will be very concentrated on his work and ususally wont be aware of what’s happening around him. So, I will take advantage of that and will take the android device connected to his system. After he did some work, he make his program to run in the device and was shocked on finding only the cable, and not the device. This is my small contribution to the big game, we all were playing.

When the time came to leave after 7, Sumesh started asking people about his bag, with myself and Aruna being his primary suspects. But none of us were opening our mouth. After asking for about 10 or more minutes, he badly freaked out and threatened Aruna that If she didnt tell where his bag is, then he will punch me to death and he already started kicking me. Here, I played 2 acts. One in front of sumesh, I told aruna that she is crossing her limits and this is not fun anymore and requesting her to give back the bag. And the other act behind sumesh, that I am willing to take the beating, but never ever open her mouth regarding the bag. But in reality, even she dont know exactly where we hid his bag.

She resisted for some more time, and after that she took Sumesh upstairs and told him that his bag should be somewhere here. Things gone very far and also they came so close. So I admitted what happened before(myself and rooban hiding the bag under sofa), and told that the bag was under the sofa. Here comes the real twist and a headache for me, the bag was not under sofa and my tiffin box was not where I left it. This is the point where I realized some other master mind is working above all of us and looted both mine and Sumesh. But sadly, Sumesh is not believing me this time and is asking me again and again. Together, we three searched the first floor fully and found nothing.

I suspected that either Rooban or Rahul should be responsible for this and I believed Aruna wont go this far. So, we all went down and asked rooban and rahul to give the items back. I apologized to everyone and assured that I wont be repeating this here after. But as expected Rooban and Rahul were playing innocent and not telling anything. Totally frustrated, myself and Sumesh went upstairs and started searching in each and every knook and corner of the office. Finally, I found Sumesh’s bag at the very end of office, near the graphics team. But really have no idea who took it from under sofa and hid it here. Now, my box is missing and in a short time, I found it behind karthi’s system. Now everything is well and good and we got our items back.

But myself and Sumesh planned for another twist and we again hid our bags behind a “always closed” door. Then we went down and started shouting at everyone madly, as if we didnt found our things. This time Aruna and Rooban came above with us and started searching themselves. In the middle, Rooban complained me that I didnt searched well and told If I did, I should have found my box, which reavealed Rooban was responsible for hiding my box. On hearing this, Sumesh jumped on to rooban and was asking him about his bag. He told he hid only my box and he have no idea about Sumesh’s bag. On my request, Rooban went to karthi’s cabin to take my box and was like “WHAT THE HECK” on seeing nothing there.

We all were searching everywhere and cant find anything. AFter sometime, Sumesh decided to end this, but didnt want to make it in a deliberate way. So, he called Stalin(who left office very early) and told him everyone was very mad and pleaded him to tell where was our bags. He also got the reply that the bags were hidden behing the “always closed” door. Only I know the reality and I thought he was speaking all this and stalin unaware of anything was blabbering and yelling on the other side.

Aruna showed her brilliance here and doubted whether Sumesh is really speaking to stalin or just making an act. She told to give the phone so she could speak to stalin. Suddenly Sumesh hang the call(which he never called) and was caught. Now, things are like, Sumesh took everything and hid it there and I played innocent for some time. Still the unresolved things for me was who took Sumesh’s bag from under the sofa to the other place. I asked Sumesh about that and he told he was one, which means he knows all along where his bag his. Really a true mastermind Sumesh.

After playing innocent for some time, I reaveled my part of truth and everyone was like “WTH”, except rooban as he doubted me from the moment my box was missing from the place where he hid it. Rahul’s expression was like “FK U ALL, I WONT BE BRINGING MY BAG TO OFFICE HEREAFTER” 😀

It was much fun after all, but I personally decided to stop this as I think if we continue like this, then “adi thadi than”. Hope others will also change.

Note: Still the game/puzzle is not fully over. I intendedly didnt mention about the unsolved puzzle here. The worst thing with this puzzle is that the victim is not even aware of his lost item. Hope he will get to remember and solve this one soon. (if the victim is reading this, think if you lost anything)

Thanks to everyone for this awesomeness 🙂

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