Exhaustive but Awesome Weekend – Part 1

Had a very exhaustive but exciting, adventurous weekend last week. Office Outing on 15th June, 2013 (Saturday) An Office outing to VGP Golden Beach Resort was planned in my Office, Smaat Apps (recently rebranded from Maag Studios). This is the first Outing after I joined here. Everyone was told to come to the place sharply… Continue reading Exhaustive but Awesome Weekend – Part 1

Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram

Myself and Alex have been planning for this epic mahabalipuram walking plan for a long time and today is the day we are gonna do that for real. We both are not sure whether we could make it, but we have a strong will so we wont be giving up easily. Our plan is to… Continue reading Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram

MGM with Digient Mobile Team

PLAN: I bought 6 coupons using Spencer/Coke offer for MNM, planning to go with Digient Mobile team. After discussion, Avis Manoj told he is not coming because of some work. So instead of Avis, Rahul Raghavan told that he will bring his friend with him. START: We started from Saidapet at 10.30 AM, but Rahul… Continue reading MGM with Digient Mobile Team

MGM with Mission 11

An awesome/terrible one day trip to MGM Theme Park with Mission 11 Official Sponsors: This grand event is mainly sponsored by Vivek as a treat for his first salary and other special sponsors inculde Spencers Daily and Coke. Yeah, these days Mission 11 became so famous that Spencers and Coke agreed to sponsor us by… Continue reading MGM with Mission 11

Hide N Seek in Office

For the past few weeks, we were playing a game, where we hide something valuable of a carefully selected victim and make him cry before giving it back to him and today we reached the pinnacle of that game. The main plan was started with Aruna who wanted to take revenge on Sumesh for making… Continue reading Hide N Seek in Office

Happy Birthday

Had a wonderful birthday celebration in office with cakes, balloons and above all friends. This will be one of my unforgettable birthdays. Thanks to my friends Avis Da Vinci, Android Rooban, Raghul Jobs, Stalin Gates, Sumesh Saala, Aruna Sorna and all others for making this day, a very special wonderful day. And thanks a lot to all… Continue reading Happy Birthday

Yelagiri Adventures

Last weekend(27/2/10 – 28/2/10) was awesome, We had an awesome trip in office to Yelagiri Hills. Flying Idlis: The bus started from office at 8 AM. Myself and all the mobile team people, along with Prakash were sitting at the last seat and for each and every small bumps on the road, we were jumping… Continue reading Yelagiri Adventures

A Week with Sinhalese

Last week was full of fun with my relatives from Sri Lanka, who came to visit India. The visitors were my aunt, Devi and her daughter, Bawani. I had plans on what places should I take them, which included Vandaloor Zoo, Mahabalipuram, Queensland Theme Park and a few more. Since they planned to stay only… Continue reading A Week with Sinhalese

Camping in Maya Nursing Home

Last Wednesday (16/06/10), my friend Jyothi Swaroop texted me that he is having severe stomach ache and is going to be admitted on Hospital. The moment I heard this, I thought he was exaggerating as he always do. Later, I called him and he told me that he is having Kidney stones. I adviced him… Continue reading Camping in Maya Nursing Home

Bye Bye College – MNMJEC IT Rockers 2006 – 2010

I dont know what to write now? Have hell lots to write, but hard to put them in words… To say simply, “My College Life is over” Yep. I finished my Graduation 🙂 but I am missing my college and my freinds a lot 🙁 Today is a wonderful day that I spent with my… Continue reading Bye Bye College – MNMJEC IT Rockers 2006 – 2010