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Last weekend(27/2/10 – 28/2/10) was awesome, We had an awesome trip in office to Yelagiri Hills.

Flying Idlis:
The bus started from office at 8 AM. Myself and all the mobile team people, along with Prakash were sitting at the last seat and for each and every small bumps on the road, we were jumping meters high. Thats when the real adventure started, as we were given idlis for breakfast. We were good enough to keep the spilling of sambars and chatnies to a small amount and somehow managed to finish the breakfast.

Dance, Dance and Dance:
Almost everyone got Dance fever and we were dancing crazy. It was great seeing many(unexpected) people dancing great, including Raja, Tamil and others. We danced for hours until everyone got exhausted and went back to their seat for mini sleep.

Unprepared Trekking:
When the bus was going up the hill, it got breakdown and we all came out of the bus, as we have nothing else to do. On seeing the deep valleys on one side and high mountains on the other, the adventurer’s spirit inside me woke up. Tagged with Stalin, I started climbing the bare mountains, making our way to the top. By the time, we climbed to the third road curve, our bus got repaired and also reached us and we boarded the bus from there. But this unprepared trekking totally spoiled my pant.

Blind Fold:
We reached our hotel in the afternoon, had our lunch and a small self introduction section, where all of us are split into groups for the sake of upcoming activities. We are Team A and our team members were Krishna, Suresh, Moorthy, Karthikeyan, Pari and Ram.

Then started this awesome game of Blind Fold, which was very fun and about which I dont want to write in detail and bore you. But a few things I enjoyed in this game are:

  • My own gameplay with my team, which we did quite well.
  • Ultimate confusion in Rooban/Naresh/Shankar train.
  • Karthikeyan/Raja/Avis/Prakash aggresive train.
  • Epic Dialog from Sumesh: “kanna kattittu, pathu vadanna, naan ennanga pannuven!!!”
Camp Fire:

Then came this boring session, in the evening, when we were to tell some good qualities about all the others. It went quite long postponing our dinner. Then we winded up that quickly and had our dinner and went for campfire. Campfire went awesome with amazing stunt performances by Kanigairaj and the flash star Moorthy. After campfire is over, everyone went back to their room and with this Day 1 was over. Avis, the mass photographer captured some of those great moments in his camera, in an absolutely stunning way.

Early Morning Terrors:
On Monday, I woke up at 4.15 AM, got ready by 4.45 and tried to wake up few of my friends, but in vein. Then at 5 AM, myself, Sumesh and Hari tried to wake up other by banging at their doors and succeeded in our mission partially. Then, I went out for jogging alone. I walked along the road and was really terrified on seeing a bunch of dogs all barking at me. So, I went into the woods, climbing the mountain, going through the forest. It was a great experience and my thirst for adventure quenched a little. Then, I came back to hotel at 6 AM only to see that none of the people are ready in time to go for trekking as planned.

Official Trekking:
We started the trekking at 7 AM leaving behind Avis and Rahul. Trekking was a great experience, though it was not upto my expectation. The hill in which we trekked was not so high and we reached the top in an hour. There we had absolutely awesome views of the surrounding place, spent some time there and we came back.

Dragon Tail:
We took some rest after trekking and came this most aggressive event, Dragon Tail. In this event, the individual groups are made to form a chain, where the lead is named Dragon Head and the trail is named Dragon Tail. There is a small piece of cloth attached to the back of dragon tail. The objective is to get the tails of opponent dragons. The game was good, but I still didnt grasp the motto and/or logic behind this game, though people tried to explain it for more than 30 minutes.

Tea and Farewell:
All the activities are over and its time to leave. After taking group photos, we headed for the bus and occupied the last row, as usual. By this time, I am very very tired and I slept in the bus. One time, the bus shooked heavily, when I was half awakened and thought to myself that I was falling down from the hill, when I was actually about to fall down from the last seat. That time, sumesh made me realize that I was still in bus and no need to worry 🙂

Thanks to everyone at my office for this wonderful experience and I am looking forward to have even more awesome trips than this.

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