May the 4th be with you

Dedicating the title to all ‘Jedi, Padawan and Dark lords’ in my Circle and around the world. If you don’t watch Star wars, ignore the title. Grassroots Business Development Team My primitive NGO website sales process yielded me 0.37% conversion in Tamilnadu last month, bringing in 32 orders in Round 1 (More here). Now I… Continue reading May the 4th be with you

Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 2 of 4

June 24. I met Rajesh Kanna in Neelangarai @ CTC's Garbage segregation event. Went half an hour early at 5.30 AM and took this awesome sunrise shot from Neelangarai beach. Best scene. Only like 20% of the actual experience is conveyed through the photo. It was maginificient there. I love beach!

Co-operative social Enterprise It’s May, 2016 end. Now the Blue print of the project is ready and also got a idea on economic model. Now I call myself an `emerging anti-capitalist` after getting a very slight understand of what capitalism is doing to people and environemnt with the `infinite growth policy in a limited planet`.… Continue reading Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 2 of 4

Yelagiri Adventures

Last weekend(27/2/10 – 28/2/10) was awesome, We had an awesome trip in office to Yelagiri Hills. Flying Idlis: The bus started from office at 8 AM. Myself and all the mobile team people, along with Prakash were sitting at the last seat and for each and every small bumps on the road, we were jumping… Continue reading Yelagiri Adventures

Callida 10: A Grand Success

A BIG APPLAUSE to all people who made Callida 10 a grand success. To name a feeew Kuldeep(the security… oops.. sry sry sry.. the Secretary), Anisha(HOD’s Grand Daughter), Kiran(Kurkure Fan), Bharath(Grenade Specialist), Vivek(Sincere n Dedication), SaiPrasad(The DON), Babu(Romeo), Thanikavel(Child but local Don, Thavudh), Suresh(The Executive, hahaha), Viswaakshan(Ms CEO), Vinoth Babu(Samosa Committee), Kasi(Decorative Broomstick), Tarun, Rakesh… Continue reading Callida 10: A Grand Success