Hyderabad Diary – Day 1

Scene 1: Hyderabad Bus TerminusDate and Time: June 23, 2015 11:30 AMCharacters: Yokesh and Me The Arrival Bus delay by almost 2 hours, but it’s anticipated based on the past experience. We dropped down at Hyderabad bus terminus @ 11.30 AM. We walked to a nearby bus stand, only to find out we need to take… Continue reading Hyderabad Diary – Day 1

Exhaustive but Awesome Weekend – Part 1

Had a very exhaustive but exciting, adventurous weekend last week. Office Outing on 15th June, 2013 (Saturday) An Office outing to VGP Golden Beach Resort was planned in my Office, Smaat Apps (recently rebranded from Maag Studios). This is the first Outing after I joined here. Everyone was told to come to the place sharply… Continue reading Exhaustive but Awesome Weekend – Part 1

What is true love? 020 Disease

Date: May 20, 2011 List of Episodes @ Index 20 May 2011 – Friday Evening Its a friday evening. Rooban Ponraj and Saiyasodharan leaves office together. Rooban Ponraj says “Sai, I still have works to finish. I think I will be coming tomorrow. Can you also come and accompany me” Saiyasodharan says “hmmm.. ok fine.… Continue reading What is true love? 020 Disease

Happy Birthday

Had a wonderful birthday celebration in office with cakes, balloons and above all friends. This will be one of my unforgettable birthdays. Thanks to my friends Avis Da Vinci, Android Rooban, Raghul Jobs, Stalin Gates, Sumesh Saala, Aruna Sorna and all others for making this day, a very special wonderful day. And thanks a lot to all… Continue reading Happy Birthday

Yelagiri Adventures

Last weekend(27/2/10 – 28/2/10) was awesome, We had an awesome trip in office to Yelagiri Hills. Flying Idlis: The bus started from office at 8 AM. Myself and all the mobile team people, along with Prakash were sitting at the last seat and for each and every small bumps on the road, we were jumping… Continue reading Yelagiri Adventures