Casted(wasted) my First Vote

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Today is election, the day that is going to determine the fate of my state. As a citizen, I am to cast my vote to some party, which I believe, would help in nurturing this society to a better place. Obviously, there is no such party and everyone knows it. Most people I knew, opted to vote for the lesser evil, but again, there is a big discussion on which is the lesser evil.

I decided myself that I would not vote for any major parties, which in my sense of justice, are all evil. I didnt gave a thought about any Independent candidates, as I have a bright option in my hand. The possibility of voting to “I Dont Like to Vote”. Thanks to 49-O.

About 49-O:
It is the rule, which allows an eligible person to go to election booth, register himself/herself, make the mark in his/her hands, write in the 17-A form/book, “I dont like to vote” and walk out without voting. Simple as that 🙂

But, be warned, there are a number of hoaxes about this rule that if the number of votes to 49-O is high, then there will be president rule or reelection or something like that. But as far as I researched, there is no consequence to 49-O and since the secrecy is not maintained when you opt for 49-O, it possess some risk and inconvenience. For example, assume, out of 100 people, even if 99 people chose 49-O and 1 person vote for X party, then that X party wins. But if that assumption becomes real, then I am sure some big consequences for 49-O will be thought out and will be amended.

My Vote:
I went to election booth and told the officers that I would like to cast for no one as per 49-O. As expected, people showed me a bit of hatredness, but that was not enough to stop me from wasting my vote. I wrote “I dont like to vote” and signed in the necessary forms and hence, wasted my vote and I am happy about it.

But, the next time I planned to do a research about ALL the candidates to check whether anyone falls under the GOOD category, though that is highly unprobable. Hope I wont be lazy to skip my research and go for another 49-O.

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