Bye Bye College – MNMJEC IT Rockers 2006 – 2010

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I dont know what to write now? Have hell lots to write, but hard to put them in words… To say simply, “My College Life is over”

Yep. I finished my Graduation 🙂 but I am missing my college and my freinds a lot 🙁
Today is a wonderful day that I spent with my friends. This is our farewell day and we all enjoyed it to the core. But it was very hard for each and every of us, while we left saying the “last good bye’s” to each other. While writing this, so many incidents, from kidding our friends to getting blamed from HOD comes to my mind… our class rooms… our labs… canteen… stone bench… wall jumps… b’day bumps… SYMPOSIUM… sleeping in classes… thamba sir… paramesh sir… dinakar sir… john sir… and more…………
MNMJEC IT Rockers 2006 – 2010
As said, today is a wonderful day and I am gonna write everything here. So, feel free to navigate away or close this page now.
Today Morning:
Got up early and started the day with NFS Carbon. Then called Keerthi to ask him the venue of our farewell party. Vinoth Babu picked up de phone and said to come to Vijay Park at 10.30 AM. I was soo dwelved into racing and didnt noted the time. Later, it was like 10.00AM, thought I am going to get late and so called up my friend, Alex and told him to drop me there. Went with him and reached Vijay Park by 10.40Am.
Vinoth Babu – A total noob:
Just to confirm, called keerthi again and this time too vinoth babu picked up the phone. I just asked him and he told it was not Vijay Park, but it is Vijaya Parkin. I asked him several times and he was damn too sure. So, went back a few signals to vadapalani, picking up Mohan Raj on the way. It was very hot and again started walking towards CMBT chking out all the building on the way. There was nothing like “Vijaya Parkin”. So, we called up Captain Praveen to hear that it was “Vijay Park” only. Vinoth Baby made a fool of us today.
The Events:
The farewell was well planned and many events were arranged. The first event was Dumb Charates and it was a little dumb(when compared to others). The second event was like, a random person is chosen and tied up with cloth on eyes. Then he/she is to make it to a chair, following the directions of other people. It was awesome that Anisha was tied up and taken to the ____ and Sreenaya to ___ by Dr. Suthan. Then came the dance event, in which random people(preplanned, lol) were asked to show up on stage and asked to dance for few minutes. Some people enjoyed it and some hated it.
I was both happy and sad that I didnt took part in any of the events.
The Lunch:
Here comes, my favourite part. We started with a totally dumb soup and had Nan, Pulav with so many side dishes and curd rice. Then we had Ice Cream in the end, which I took 3 rounds, yeah, not even my average. Actually, I was little disappointed with the variety of items. Even the master blasters in this section, Arun raj and Gobi didnt enjoyed this well.
Then again we continued with the dance event and it was the BEST.
It was time to leave and we lined up on stage for the photos(the LAST group photos of all of us 🙁 ) Then, we were all simply sitting, looking at each other, wished others and some people crying. I too felt very hard on those moments. Then, atlast WE GOT SEPARATED and everyone went back home 🙁
Karthikeyan and his Car Comedy:
Karhikeyan’s car was so messed up and it stopped in the middle of road. It needed some push from our steel bodies 😛 Also, Karthikeyan once helped me and many by pushing MY jammed 19B and making it run. So, to pay back, me, praveen, basker, vimal, mohan, bharath pushed it and made it run.
Whenever, I feel very good or bad, I used to walk. So, I decided to walk back to home(Wait, I walked looonger distances than this and I love it). Captain Praveen said he will accompany me to the next stop. But, he didnt wanted to leave me in the next stop. So, hee accompanied me till the Pillar stop. We discussed sooo many things, both about college and life, on the way.
Sangam and COD:
In pillar, I was left alone. I dont wanted to go home and was roaming there for some time, when my friend Arun called me to Sangam. So, I went to sangam and Yuvaraj, Vivek, Karthik, Karhikeyan and Mani was there. But the noob Arun(the DoTA mandayan didnt show up). We chit-chatted there for a while and I went back home. I know if I log in to FB, people will make me cry. So, popped up Garena and started a Death Match with Sridhar, Vivek, Yuvaraj and Jyothiswaroop. Yuva’s mobile Internet showed its real face and he quitted in the middle for being laggy.
Till I got sense, I was a student(starting from LKG). I went to school for soo many years, and college and whenever people ask me “What you r doing?” I simply say “I am a student”. But cant use it anymore 🙁 So, need to get a new answer to de same old question, which means to get a job. My plan is to SOMEHOW get ANY job in any game development company. If I got my career in Game Industry, then my life would be great. Hope things happen well and soon. Today, only found that there were so many small mobile and flash game development companies IN CHENNAI. So, going to hunt down for the job starting from Monday.
Strongly recommend you to close this page. A small advice: Never go for Big Companies with Big Pays, JUST BECAUSE they are big. They bring you money, but not happiness. Do, what you like and you will be happy. Keep in mind, this is not the end, but the beginning of a same old travel in a new path. okay okay… over ah mokka podurennu theridhu…
Wish u all a bright future and wish myself the same 😛
PS: today put a super mokkai to Viswaakshan: “unakku pinnadi MSP, MVP nu avlo short form, ana adukku ellam theriyadhu ennaku full form” 😛
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– Saiyasodharan (Father)

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