A Week with Sinhalese

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Last week was full of fun with my relatives from Sri Lanka, who came to visit India. The visitors were my aunt, Devi and her daughter, Bawani.

I had plans on what places should I take them, which included Vandaloor Zoo, Mahabalipuram, Queensland Theme Park and a few more. Since they planned to stay only a week, it was not possible to take them to my native, Pudukottai. Also, since I cant afford to take leave from Office, I had only evenings and weekends to spend time with them.

On the 2nd day of their arrival, I took them to T.Nagar to purchase a few things, where I learned their obsession for Shopping. But they had pretty good reasons like there are no shopping places in Sri Lanka as it is in India, especially T.Nagar and the costs are damn so high in Sri Lanka. They decided to shop things for all their money and so I took them to M.C. Road, Paris to buy things even cheaper. They went for shopping daily and so visit to few of the planned places were cancelled.

Despite all the time spent on shopping, we managed to go to Queensland, Marina Beach and a film. Last week was quite a good time for both myself and my mom. They went back to Sri Lanka last saturday with the promise that they will come back by the end of next month 🙂

Hope they keep up their promise… and thanks to them for the wonderful moments with us.

– Saiyasodharan


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