Save Hindu Culture – My New Year Resolution – Part 1

I never took this ‘New Year Resolution’ thing seriously and never made myself any New Year Resolution. But its different this time. I decided to take up something serious as my New Year Resolution and *strictly* follow it, even if it means putting my life on the line. Now you know how serious I am. Save our… Continue reading Save Hindu Culture – My New Year Resolution – Part 1

Mahabalipuram Cycling Trip

For some reason, I felt absolutely crazy today. Not at all in a mood to go to office, especially since I don’t have any tasks assigned to me. So, thought of bunking today, taking rest in home. I called up my TL, requesting for sick leave and it was granted 🙂 I had no plans till 11:00,… Continue reading Mahabalipuram Cycling Trip

Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram

Myself and Alex have been planning for this epic mahabalipuram walking plan for a long time and today is the day we are gonna do that for real. We both are not sure whether we could make it, but we have a strong will so we wont be giving up easily. Our plan is to… Continue reading Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram