Our rigged Economic Systems and A Silent revolution

Around 2014, I started watching Documentary films about Corporations, Governments, Food and Health systems, Energy Industry and the most impacting, Climate Change. Various Topics. But interesting and depressing at the same time. Then in 2015, during my visit to Sadhana forest, Pondy, I was introduced to ‘Films For Action‘. After watching hours and hours of… Continue reading Our rigged Economic Systems and A Silent revolution

Bitcoin – My entry into Blockchain(s)

But then I remembered the saying of this Zen monk about Bitcoin, some 3000 years back :-P

Some 3 years back, I first heard about the Revolutionary crypto currency Bitcoin. Back then, it was a just another tech news for me. Every now and then, I keep getting news about Bitcoin, how it is going to revolutionize our Financial Industry, democratize our unbalanced Economic machinery, how people went from Rags to Millionaires… Continue reading Bitcoin – My entry into Blockchain(s)

Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram

Myself and Alex have been planning for this epic mahabalipuram walking plan for a long time and today is the day we are gonna do that for real. We both are not sure whether we could make it, but we have a strong will so we wont be giving up easily. Our plan is to… Continue reading Epic Adventure to Mahabalipuram