Appinos: Grand Hit with iDiwali iPhone Application

Avis Manoj, Rahul Raghavan, Rooban Ponraj and myself had this idea of developing our own mobile applications (or games). We just wanted to do something and we got this awesome idea of creating a mobile application for Diwali festival. iDiwali Screen Development: We started both the development and graphics works in the mid of september,… Continue reading Appinos: Grand Hit with iDiwali iPhone Application

Sai’s Keyworder

An Application to automatically generate labels and keywords for your Blog or Website with a neat and simple UI. This application searches for repeating words in your text and if the frequency of the word occurance, goes greater than the specified threshold value, then the word qualifies as Keyword. This application is intelligent enough to… Continue reading Sai’s Keyworder

Sai’s RenRep

Sai RenRep is a Simple Application to rename a large number of files at once and to replace text that occurs in a number of files. Replacing text can be applied only to simple text files like txt, html, asp, etc., Version: 1.0.5 Software Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5 Download here: Screenshot of RenRep