Happy Independence Day

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ALERT: This is going to be a rant, so feel free to quit reading.
Today I can see everyone wishing each other “Happy Independence Day”. But, I know that those are just dead words coming out of the mouth and not from their heart. Independence Day reminds us that India and its people are no more slaves to any other country and we are on our own. But, that means our Nation attained Perfection? a BIG NO. People before 1947 had a vision of free Independent India, they lived their daily lives to achieve this vision. But as the proud citizens of India, what vision we have now for our country… Simply nothing. Oh, yes, what about “India in 2020”. I can tell for sure that not even half of the India population have heard about this term and even those who heard, dont know exactly what it actually is. So, I personally cant accept that as a Country’s Vision.
There are so many problems plaguing our country and in my opinion, the high-prioritized problem is Corruption. Many people says that an Individual cant do anything to clean this corrupted society. And yeah, it is true, but what an Individual can do is try not get into corruption whenever possible. Just because you are giving money to a begger, he is begging. Similarly, just because you are giving bribe to a Government Officer, he is getting corrupted. Try not to do that whenever possible.
Creating a perfect society from a 100% corrupted one is not at all possible. But, we can reduce that 100% to atleast 99%.
I am part of this corrupted society for all this time and so in this post I am complaining about myself too. But I think that the only solution to every problem is SELF-DISCIPLINE. Do your duty, if u get caught by a Traffic Police, pay the fine and do not bribe him. Think again, several people gave away their lives to get this Independence and you feel proud to pay a Rs.500 fine than a Rs.100 bribe. Again, if you think deeply, you will realize that all the fines that we are paying like this, wont be coming again to the public, through goverment. They all gonna be eaten by a money thirsty Politician. But dont worry about this NOW. Once, we go one step up, we will think about the bigger problems.
There are SO many things in my mind, and I think this is the best away of pouring it out. So, please forgive me, if its not. If what I said is wrong or anyone have any other good solution to make our country a better place, please kindly let me know. Again, I am asking all you to help our country rise one step further from the Dark corruption.
Jai Hind!

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