The Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja – Naruto Uzumaki

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Apart from games, I love Animes. I used to watch them a lot, when I was schooling and my favorite is Dragon Ball Z. Due to settop box issues, I was no longer able to watch Cartoon Network from my 11th standard onwards, which cutted out many of my anime adventures from Dragon Ball Z, Swat Kats, Dexters Laboratory to Pokemon. Luckily in College, I got all the DBZ and DBGT collection from my friend, Siddharth. Thanks a lot to him, I completed DBZ because of him. Also, I must thank my college for taking it lightly, when I used to cut my classes to watch DBZ.


Recently, I was thinking about going back to animes. With recommendation from Arun, and after researching about it in net, I downloaded Naruto from IPTorrents and started watching it 2 months back. I am really impressed from the first episode itself, mainly from Naruto’s all unique home made “Sexy Jutsu”. The early episodes were awesome, from the introduction of Sasuke, Sakura and other leaf Shinobies. Then came the Zabuza battle, which was one of the best battles in Naruto. Then, the chuunin exams started, which was ruined at the end, because of the cruel shinobi monster Orochimaru. The Orochimaru vs. Thrid Hokage fight was good, though it spanned 4 or 5 episodes. But, I have to say that the old man lived upto his name, he is “The Third Hokage, Forever”. The story went fine, till Sasuke was taken from (or willingly left) Leaf village. The immediate battle to save Sasuke on his path to sound village was fierce. But after that, many episodes were like “What a drag…”, which surely slides away from the main plot. I am not satisfied with the ending too, in which the Ultimate weapon was taken out just by Gaara and that too in his normal form. It was not what I expect from the final fight.
The anime is over, but still the plot remains open with Sasuke in Orochimaru’s hand, big plans of Akatsuki, which are to be continued in Naruto Shippuden. As I myself a Rational thinker, I have to say that Shikamaru is my favorite character. Naruto is not just an action anime that should be watched for fun, but it also contains a treasure of philosophies, that beautifully describes what life is, what friendship is, and how one should live his life.
I am currently watching DeathNote, about which I will post soon.
One more thing… When comparing Naruto and DragonBall Z, one can say that Naruto battles are far better than DBZ’s because of the reasoning and logic involved in Narutos’, when compared to straight forward punches and kicks in DBZ. But still, I love DragonBall Z the most.
Here are the few of my favorite dialogues from Naruto:
  • Live your life, so you have nothing to regret.
  • You can do it too, because after all, unlike me you are not a failure.
  • I will never go back on my words, thats my nindo, my ninja way.
  • Fake me defending fame her from real me, that makes my head hurt.
  • Believe It
  • Ahhhhh… thats a drag….
Saiyasodharan Uzumaki, The Shinobi of Leaf

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