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Happy New Year 2018, Huh!?

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We are living in a Galaxy, which they say is 100,000 light years in Diameter and which is in existence for 13.6 billion years. So huge numbers, for my massively insignificant mind to even comprehend. And in this cosmic scale, it doesn’t matter, whether a tiny Pale blue dot goes another Orbit around its local star or it even goes out of Existence.

This is what a Galaxy looks like from the Inside!
This is what a Galaxy looks like from the Inside!

But regardless of how insignificant our Solar system is, our Sun is, our Planet is, our Species is, I think we got something to celebrate. A Inquistive mind, which has a capability to think about the whole Cosmos, to god damn question the purpose of the existence of the Cosmos itself and wonder, get awe inspired at its beauty. Just this thought makes me want to celebrate every second of my existence.

  1. In a time period of 15 billion years, We/I all were (But have no idea what this ‘I’ is) was given a super tiny 50-100 years.
  2. In this Cosmic void of nothingness, In the dark, black, empty Interstellar space, there are some tiny places of Solid bodies, where I was given a golden opportunity to exist as a Inquistive mind and wonder about all this.

I think just for above 2 incidents, we all got to celebrate every second of our existence. With this context set in, I wonder

  1. What if the words of Carl Sagan that “We are the way for Cosmos to know itself” is really true. Wow, Can there be a bigger purpose, big bold idea than this? Just thinking on the lines of my minimal understanding of the History of Cosmos, Yes, Everything happens to be in alignment with this single Purpose.
  2. The ever inspiring words of Paulo Coelho, “When you truly want something, All the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”. Yes. It truly is. I have experienced itself several times, but only when your Purpose aligns with the above purpose of the Cosmos.

I’m depressed. What the bloody fuck are we doing?

We dont realize how rich, how gifted, how magical, how beautiful, how unique, how colorful we all are, Just by our very own existence and nothing else. Just because of this ignorance, we all go after many fake things like

  1. Cosmetic products to make us look good.
  2. Celebrations on the special days, which are defined by the Society.
  3. 6,7,8+ digit Salary. Got no idea what they can do with all that Papers of money and they build Golden toilets -> Most hilarious of all.

I actually have absolutely ZERO concern on people’s ignorance and all the stupidities they do out of it. But the consequence of this mindless things. It’s too much. I can’t take it. The climate can’t take it. The planet can’t take it. We have set ourself in the path of destruction. We, Human species, are supposed to be Intelligent. We are supposed to ask Why? We are supposed to question the Status Quo always. But do we do that? HELL NO.

Miami gets Ocean water in its roads by 2050.
Miami gets Ocean water in its roads by 2050.


  1. Jakarta Is Sinking So Fast, It Could End Up Underwater
  2. Almost 40% of Mumbai may be submerged in next 100 years: Study – We can’t have our 60th Jagriti Yatra starting from Mumbai, as Chtrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Railway terminus is going to get submerged.
  3. New crack found in Antarctica ice shelf after 1 trillion ton iceberg breaks free
  4. California submerging: Rising seas are claiming its famed coast faster than scientists imagined
  5. Warming Bleaches Two-Thirds of Great Barrier Reef
  6. And many more. Google these words “Impacts of Climate Change”, “Cities underthreat of Sea level rise” for more News.

Despite all this Depression, Negativity inside, I am very very happy that I get to spend 15 days of my time with 600 Unique souls who CHOSE to question the Status quo and do something about it or already working on it.

#ClimateChangeIsComing #WeFuckedThePlanet

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