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Jagriti Yatra 2017 – Day 9 – Jan 1: Deoria 101 and Art of Change 21

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We spent the whole day on Train, preparing for BGT Tomorrow.

Deoria 101

We had a session on what Deoria is all about, Their economics, Demography, Geography, and even History. So we all understand Deoria first, before we start brainstorming our solutions.

PWC Innovation

Its about IIIT, Hyderabad based Startup Incubator
[Have noted COMPLETE details in my Notebook. Need help in formatting it properly and post it here]

Very excited about discussing in detail with my BGT Team member Tushar, not about BGT. But about Anime, Naruto, Death Note, Crypto. Very happy to hear him say, “I will hold my Cryptos till they actually mean something in the real world.” True spirit of a Crypto person.

Art of Change 21, Role model Presentation

We had our Art of Change 21 Role model presentation tonight 10.15 to 11.00 PM. Finally, the group 19 got together for it and started preparing.

Group 19 - Art of Change 21 preparation | Jagriti Yatra
Group 19 – Art of Change 21 preparation

Everyone took up one role, Girls doing Creative stuffs like Singing, Skit and Boys doing the Logical data part. Perfect blend. Plan was all made good. Since most of the discussions happens in Hindi and key points translated to me in English, I was not sure on how good the overall flow will be. And I am also not convinced about bringing in Sanitation problems while presenting Art of Change 21, which is all about Arts, Air pollution, Climate Change. But the justifications and discussions were happening in Hindi. Couldn’t help myself!

Our time came and we started. The flow went good with everyone executing their role excellently. People clapped, laughed and encouraged on the Skit and Songs (in Hindi). So I understood everything is coming up good. Then Swetha and myself explained Caire Game, where she focused on the briefing the Game logic and I focused the Challenges and Solutions of the game. In 30 minutes we are done and our Judge Ruban clapped and said “Full mark for you Guys”. Hell yeah!

Ganapathi bappa moriya | Jagriti Yatra
Ganapathi bappa moriya

Not at all expected this, but very glad it happened 🙂

Big thanks to Marguerite Courtel, Alice Audouin and Aditi from Art of Change 21 for supporting us with all requested data in person in Bangalore, through call, FB and mail, in mid of their hectic travel plans. And of course Appreciate credits to the Team, our Facilitators Shashank and Rupali. Preethi sung a song which everyone loved, but in Hindi. Will try and update English transation here.

TODO: Update the song by Preethi here (English version)

After the trip, I am going to make a detailed document on the Solutions that we come up with and send to Art of Change 21 team. Hope that will be useful to them and Mother Earth.

Jagriti Yatra
That’s me. Explaining the challenges of Caire game and Solutions to it, including the integration of IXO Blockchain

Military woman Raashi, Our BGT Facilitator

We planned for our BGT discussion at 11 PM and everyone gathered there in AC Chair car. Just when we are about to start, a strong voice came from in mid of us, “Time’s up. get back to your Boggies.” It was Colonel Bhaiyya. He is sitting in mid of us!

Yes. Time is 11.15 pm, time for official Lights off. Shockingly our Facilitator started arguing with Colonel that we need to do this discussion for sure. Arush was signalling from the back to be silent and walk away silently. Only after arguing with Colonel for couple of minutes, Raashi decided to leave the place. Then we all returned back to our Bogies for sound sleep.

And there goes another Day without a crypto currency meet, which is being planned from Day 2.

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