Mumbai Bitcoin Meetup – As the world is crashing, bitcoin keeps hashing

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Me and my friend Saravanan were tired of talking to each other for years, exploring all the aspects of Bitcoin. In Chennai, we know a couple of crypto people, who are pro bitcoin. And there are few, whom we orange pilled and early in their journey. But no maxis here.
And suddenly last month, we noticed a post from Vivek.

We got excited. Decided we should absolutely join and here we are, among the pleb army <3

Pre meetup

We met Raj, Vishal, Ravi Patel and had hours and hours of discussion on the Dystopian future, that our government are building and how we, the Cyber hornests are coding tooth and nail to prevent that.

The Pleb army’s Assembly

Event started with Mrugakshee setting the ground and letting everyone say together the only 3 certain things in the Universe

  • Death
  • Tax and
  • 21 million Bitcoin

Her boring blockchain business presentations, her and her husband’s realisation on how stupid and meaningless the blockchain supply chain systems to track the Lobster from catching it in the sea to putting it in your plate. And self introspection of what they were doing and realized the obvious reality that is always there in plain sight. That anything other than bitcoin is bullshit.

And Raj shared his inspiring Orange pill journey:

  1. His naive revolutionary college time ideas about fixing the system. That if we gather enough people and make enough noise, then good changes will happen. Political Activism, in one liner.
  2. And later once he started working with the real world, how he realized that he was so Naive. And the game doesn’t work that way.
  3. He going into depression that the whole world is doomed.
  4. Suddenly landing in an Online crypto portfolio site. Thought why not put some bucks into it and see what happens.
  5. Intrigued by the system, where it creates a new address for each transaction. And deep down the rabbit hole.
  6. Read the Bitcoin code, making his first PR and his continuous contributions to Bitcoin open source code.
  7. Contacted by Spiral and now he into BDK development, managing Summer of bitcoin and doing various other things.

Note: Above is my rough interpretation of people’s talk. Not 100% factually right. But I guess it captures the essence.

And then we get to know who came to Bitcoin in which year and some inspiring orange pill stories of each Bitcoiner. And then it’s all informal discussion. Many interesting cyberpunks working on inspiring projects, laying the foundation for Freedom against the dark dystopian future.

2 interesting projects were:

  1. Hexa wallet – A bitcoin only non custodial wallet connected with exchange to buy bitcoin. Soon to get lightning support.
  2. Cypher post – A centralized encrypted data store, enabling client-side applications that require end-to-end encryption and selective visibility of content.

Some random lines running in my head:

Bhagat singh, 100 years back… For the deaf to hear, the sound has to be very loud; Satoshi, 12 years back… To fix the Govt architecture, the code has to be unstoppable!

Towards the end, A mom was explaining about how his 5th/6th standard kid minted his first NFT and asked us to support. Though we were a bunch of (toxic/non toxic) maxis, we appreciated the kid’s interest in NFT. We all were there. right? We wished the kid takes his time and complete his orange pilling journey.

Overall it’s an amazing connect!

– We all are Satoshi –

Fun/Surprise bit:

Found some people here among the maxis, who loves Tamil songs and also be able to sing few lines of it:

Why only Bitcoin:

When people say to diversify from #Bitcoin by adding some eth or cardano or whatever, it’s the same as saying you should diversify from freedom with some totalitarianism and fascism. No thanks. I’ll keep 100% invested in freedom.


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