Health: One of the greatest experiment since the dawn of civilisation

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We are running a HUGE health experiment, that was never done before in such a massive scale, since the dawn of civilisation. And it impacts all 7+ billion on the planet. Not many of us are aware of this big experiment yet, but we all actively play a part in it. Hope this post gives more clarity and awareness about this experiment.

Some context before we talk about the actual experiment:

  1. We were hunters and forages for thousands of years, before the advent of the civilization.
    1. Living in caves, going out to hunt (or unfortunately getting hunted) to feed ourselves.
    2. Human body is evolved to handle/survive this.
  2. Since last 10,000 years, we also started farming.
    1. Though not as dangerous as the lifestyle of Hunters and gatherers, farming is still physically demanding job.
    2. This is the way of life for more than 80% to 90% of the population throughout our history.
    3. The remaining 10 to 20% were doing all professions from tailoring, building, jewel making, entertainers, administration, army, etc.,
    4. Even among those other professions, heavy physical work is part of life.
  3. This facts about our lifestyle held true for 1000s of years till some 20-30 years back, when we started the grand experiment.

Some Stats

  • By 1870, 70% of the US population are farmers. Now they are down to < 2% because of complete Industrialised farming.
  • In India, it’s 80+% back then and right now it got reduced to 40% to 70% (depending on which report you look at) and the numbers are drastically reducing.

The planet scale experiment

We changed our lifestyle from

  • Constantly moving (easily walking 10s of kilometers on a daily basis) to Constantly sitting
  • Heavy lifting to A light weight back pack
  • Being out in the sun all day long to Not getting sunshine for weeks
  • Eating chemical free food to Stuff produced with chemicals and we recently started adding Plastics in our food as well.

The human body is not evolved for this level of comfort and abuse. We already started seeing the consequences of this experiment. Like Diabetes at age of 30 – 40, all sorts of sickness at young age, Covid (just another virus) stopped the whole (unhealthy) world.

Note: To all those people who honestly think walking few kms / day, will keep them healthy. God bless you!

Everything is business. Healthcare Industry turned out to be a sickness industry.

So if you think you don’t want to be part of this mad experiment. Here are few things you can do:

1. Educate yourself on the intensity of the problem at hand.

Few places to start with

Are you using your tools for your benefit OR the mega corporations using you, through your tools?
2. Physical fitness

Start sweating for 30 mins daily. Be it joging, running, swimming, gym or anything. Make sure all your muscles gets stretched and you are sweating. Cycle whenever possible.

3. Eat healthy food

Have raw fruits, vegetables. They have life. Cooked food is dead food. New life can’t come out of it. Sharing few snaps of my healthy diet

You are what you eat.

And yeah. Happy new year 2022. Wish you make this year a healthy one. Investing in stocks, bitcoin is fine. But more importantly, start investing in your Health.

Do watch this for sure!

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