Why Bitcoin – Part 3 – Who is the Boss? (Tamil)

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Bhagat Singh quote

Fiat money is an item of old faith. Bitcoin is born to criticize, disbelieve and challenge the outdated money system. Bitcoin removes the power of money printing from the hands of political class. It downgrades their absolute power and helps us in the long run.

Eye opening video about corruption:

This video by Arappor Iyakkam beautifully explains

  • how the tax system is operating
  • how the fundamental political system is structured
  • the relationship between politicians and citizens
  • the current trend of Governance models
  • the need to reverse the trend.

So, can we reverse the trend? Is it possible? But unfortunately, the video doesn’t explain how!

The First Principle thinking:

So, I got super obsessed about applying ‘First principles thinking‘ everywhere. 

  • All living beings are selfish. We operate based on the ‘Survival of the fittest’ theory. Even if numerous philosophers or ideologists discuss the moral aspects of our living, we can’t change Biology. – A First principle.
  • The current democratic system is designed without considering the selfishness. We entrust absolute power to the Political or ruling class. And still expect those people to be selfless. This expectation is against the theory of First Principles.

Hence, this unnatural expectation results in Corruption.

Lord Acton quote about Power

There is no hope if we are obsessed with

  • DMK or ADMK,
  • BJP or Congress,
  • Democrats or Republic,

The problem is not with the ruling class. It is embedded deep inside the system.

Mayer Amschel quote about Money control
Don’t you think Rothschild is right?

So how to fix the system?

Simple. Take the money printing and handling powers from the workers’ (political class) hands and give them to the Owners (people). The idea is simple and direct. But is it even possible?

Can Bitcoin achieve this?

That’s the unbelievable but inevitable possibility offered to us by Bitcoin.

Quote about Bitcoin
Satoshi Plebs / Bitcoin Maxis change the Game.

Bitcoin removes the power of money printing from the hands of the political class. Thus, downgrading their absolute power. They will not be the almighty super-powered overlords anymore. They will be serving us, as expected.

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