Why Bitcoin – Part 3 – Who is the Boss? (Tamil)

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This video by Arappor Iyakkam (Anti corruption NGO in Chennai) beautifully explains how

  • Tax system works and fundamental political systems are set.
  • Relationship between Politicians / Citizens
  • Current trend of Governance models – Politicians working for themselves, rather than working for us.
  • The need to reverse the trend.

Do you think that is possible? Confused how reversing the trend can be even possible? Unfortunately the video doesn’t explain how!

Recently I got super obsessed about applying ‘First principles thinking‘ everywhere. Applying ‘The First principles’, we can get some clarity

  • Humans (or any life for that matter) are selfish / survival of the fittest beings. 1000 philosophers / ideologists can discuss forever about the moral aspects of it, but changing Biology is not in our hands. – A First principal.
  • Our current democratic system doesn’t seem to be constructed based on this fundamental. We gave all the power to the political/ruling class and expect them to be ‘selfless’. That is our unrealistic wishful thinking, against the first principles.

Hence this unnatural expectation results in Corruption, which leads to

As long as we are obsessed with DMK / ADMK, BJP / Congress, Democrats / Republic without thinking about the flaws in the system, there is no hope.

Don’t u think Rothschild is right?

okay. So how do fix the system?

Simple. Take the Money printing, money handling powers from the workers (political class) hands and give it to the Owners (people).

oh Yeah. The idea, written in words is simple and direct. But how is that even possible? That’s the unbelievable but inevitable possibility offered to us by Bitcoin.

Satoshi / Plebs / Bitcoin Maxis change the Game.

With Bitcoin removing the capability of money management, money printing from the hands of political class, they are downgraded from being the almighty super powered overlords (now) to serving us (future).

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