Week 6, 7: 2021 – Tesla + Bitcoin

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Grassroots – NGO Websites

Intensely working on making low cost, but world class websites for 10 NGOs. More updates on this will happen by the end of the month.

A preview of what’s happening:

Uravugal Trust – website

Tesla buying Bitcoin

From back in 2020, I was following news on some companies converting a portion of their Balance sheet to Bitcoin. But for mega corporations to enter this space, I never imagined that will happen in this Cycle.

I was expecting the likes of Apple, Google entering this space 1 or even 2 cycles later (like 4 to 8 years). And then the Governments will enter in the final cycles, when Bitcoin would have been crossed the moon.

But Tesla buying Bitcoin is HUGE! Unbelievably HUGE. They say 20% of the USD in circulation is printed in just 2020. With the weakening USD value, it seems obvious that Elon jumped the Bitcoin bandwagon. But still it’s a shock to me!

I thought of investing and saving 1 Bitcoin in coming years. But with the Corporates entering the game now and expected rally because of it, my dream is shattered!

Mom Birthday and Vagamon Trek

My dear Mom’s birthday on Feb 13. Celebrated it with her favorite Pav Bhaji. She wanted some books, couldn’t find it any store nearby. Will order it online and will be presenting it next week.

Started 2021’s first awesome Trek to Vagamon, Kerala. A separate post will be done on that later.

System issue!

After the trip, System issue for 4 days slowed down all the works. Still pushing myself to deliver all websites by Feb end. Let’s see how that goes!

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