Week 1: 2021

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For past couple of years, I am not writing as much as I intend to. But this year gonna be upside down. Planned to write a short summary every week, of course mostly pertaining to Grassroots progress. So here we go…

New year

G Surendar Thina and wife came home. Gifted me this awesome `Think Digital` diary. I was about to ask my friend’s If anyone had a spare 2021 diary, before I could buy one and this came as a surprise. Thanks Thina 🙂


Grassroot’s First one time donation campaign

Last week rolled out Grassroot’s First One time donation campaign. It is for Arappor fame Chandru in partnership with Thozhan, to provide winter package for Farmers, protesting in new Delhi.

Around Rs. 12,000 was donated through Grassroots. Waiting for their overall numbers. But all the donation are collected and delivered to the farmers in Delhi. Photos, Videos and more details at the Campaign page @


Spent my remaining time on the Grassroot’s biggest campaign ever. Will post more details officially by the end of this month 🙂


I am also doing Crypto portfolio management for few of my friends. Those who invested in 2017 and HODLed for this long with a brave heart got almost 4x return 🙂

Took out their base investment money and return to them. Happy!

PS: Please don’t come up with, why did you take that out now? When Bitcoin goes to the moon, it will be 10x, 100x. I understand all that, but here the situation demanded it.

Movies watched

  1. Guru, Soodhu Kavvum
  2. Wolf of Wall street – There are countless epic moments in this. But among all, this one is The most Epic.

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