Week 1: 2021

For past couple of years, I am not writing as much as I intend to. But this year gonna be upside down. Planned to write a short summary every week, of course mostly pertaining to Grassroots progress. So here we go… New year G Surendar Thina and wife came home. Gifted me this awesome `Think… Continue reading Week 1: 2021

Welcome 2021! 2020 in review

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Farewell 2020. Welcoming 2021! As with most people, 2020 is one such year for me as well, in multiple dimensions. As per my 2020 year plan, I am supposed to start with Grassroots works by Q2, 2020 while my… Continue reading Welcome 2021! 2020 in review

65 km relay run – Traffic safety by Thozhan

A long array of awesomeness happened yesterday on Thozhan’s 65 km relay run to create awareness on the importance of following traffic rules. Capturing those awesome moments here. Pre Event Early morning cycling with Gowri to the spot. Reached a wrong place, Valluvar Kottam side entrance by 5.15 AM. Then mingled with other volunteers at… Continue reading 65 km relay run – Traffic safety by Thozhan

An Adventurous Sunday – Full of Life

In my recent blog posts, I can only see some extreme ideological based posts, posts that none in the world understands and such. So here writing on a regular Sunday, that is mashed up with awesome activities in Chennai 🙂 Associate yourself with couple of NGOs and contribute a little of your time for the… Continue reading An Adventurous Sunday – Full of Life