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I am SaiYasodharan and I am Hardcore gamer and am maintaining a blog @ Apart from gaming, my interests are Programming, Space Science, Movies, Cartoons, Atheism and more…..

I bought my Computer in the 2002. At that times, all I know in Computer is Doom 98, Road Rash, Mortal Kombat 4, Dave, Sky and some other old MS-DOS games. I even dont know MS Paint and other basic things. So, I went for a Computer Coaching class, before buying the Computer, in a nearby coaching center named IIC in Saidapet. The Duration was 2 months and they taught basic MS DOS, Windows and MS Office. I was then comfortable with the Computer and till the year 2005, all I do with computer was playing games.

In the year 2005, when I was doing my Schooling, I got HTML in my syllabus. This is the first language I learnt and HTML is really cool. Then, in 2006, I got Visual Basic in my Syllabus and I became addicted to that Language. All these years, I spent my time, playing games, trying out new Softwares. But, that was time, when I came to know that all the things I worked with can be created with ease using Visual Basic. I got a very cool Visual Basic book from my School Library and learned many things apart from my Syllabus. I not only just learn things, but I try to create some working Applications in Visual Basic and I created numerous small Applications. I got a friend named Jyothi Swaroop, who is also very much attracted to Visual Basic like me. He was my best friend, but when it comes to Visual Basic, he is my worst Competitor. If I done anything new in VB, he will copy it the next day and add some more features to it. I will also do the same thing. With this competitive nature, we both learned a lot. After completing my schooling, in my holidays, my father’s Friend asked me If I could create a small database application for a Company named Integrated Pest Control Services for money. I said I would try and in 20 days I completed what they asked for and got Rs. 3000 from them.

Also, I created a website with my basic HTML skills and hosted it on geocities and to do the design part, I learned Photoshop and Flash. But, at that time, I dont know how to advertise my Site and bring in traffic. I just hosted it once and not even maintained it properly.

When, I came to college, I got to know about .Net and I learned VB.Net. Also, I learned 3D Studio Max and done a small Animation Project with my friend Makesh, who is a GREAT artist. We rendered our own 3D Video for the famous Crazy Frog song. Then, we started on another massive project named WSF. But, this was a very big plan and it would take surely years for us to finish. So, we dropped that project(Actually, I dropped it and makesh still insists me to continue it). After this .Net, there was no improvement on my Programming side, as my Concentaration was fully turned towards Gaming. The whole second year and half of my third year, I spent in playing games.

Then during my third year, in 2008, I thought of participating in Imagine Cup 09 and checked out and registered in that site for Game Development competition. But I didnt had XNA Game Studio and other necessary Softwares to participate in it. My friend downloaded and gave it to me, but it said that VS 2005 SP1 should be installed first. So, I got SP1 from my friend and tried to install it, but it didnt installed. I got very frustrated and dropped my Imagince Cup dream.

Exactly on January 1, 2009, I got Internet Connection in my Home and I downloaded the necessary softwares for XNA. What my friend missed is VS 2005 vista patch. This one must be installed before SP1. I installed all the required things and spent a month on learning C# and XNA. Since, I was not new to programming, C# was easy for me. Then, the whole February I worked very hard in creating my game, named Green. Makesh helped me to do the graphic part of the game and drawn me Sprites. March 01, 09 was the last date for submission and I posted our entry and got selected to the Semi-Finals. But for the semi-finals, I didnt done anything, because I had my semester exams.

This a very short summary of some important incidents in the path of my life, related to Computers. Many small incidents are missed out and this is why I started this Blog. I want to make sure none of the incidents in my Life should be forgotten from now on. So, I am going to write everything here in this blog and I assure you I wont bore you with very lenghty posts like this hereafter and try to keeps my posts interesting.


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