Is it for Real? I wish NO

1 Mins read
It happens occasionally, that I get to see you in my dreams and wish that the dream be true and the reality…

2 years in Digient Technologies

7 Mins read
WARNING: Gonna be a long lengthy post Exams over, College is over, very dry / depressing part of life: Job Hunt. Actively…

Time for Something Serious

1 Mins read
The last 4 months in my life had seen some significant changes, both ups and downs. Some made me happy, and some…

Those Horrible Days

1 Mins read
Last Friday night, I took my Mom to a nearby Clinic as it was paining in her leg. Everything went normal till…

A Hard day for me Yesterday

1 Mins read
As part of my daily routine, after waking up, I opened last chaos and was checking the items in Roy… Then I…


3 Mins read
Hi, I am SaiYasodharan and I am Hardcore gamer and am maintaining a blog @ saigameworld.blogspot.com. Apart from gaming, my interests are…