Cycling with a Stranger at midnight

Ambience I was en route to my Uncle’s home near Avadi in my Cycle. Time is around 11.30 PM. Very much tired from the busy day, which started with Swimming (practise) in early morning with Vivek Ramaraj and ended with Sapling Distribution in a Reception near Porur with Surya, Lakshmanan, Anand Kumar (Green Warriors of… Continue reading Cycling with a Stranger at midnight

All the best in your new Adventues, Arun Esthack !!!

Pani Puri Trademark I was sleeping. Few friends rushed in to home. My mom welcomed them happily, hoping they would help her in her crisis to wake me up, as I was sleeping from morning without even having my lunch and all her attempts to wake me up was in vein. I dont remember exactly… Continue reading All the best in your new Adventues, Arun Esthack !!!

2 years in Digient Technologies

WARNING: Gonna be a long lengthy post Exams over, College is over, very dry / depressing part of life: Job Hunt. Actively looking for job, attending interviews with friends, practicing aptitude problems, solving sample interview question papers and many. Have full day to play games, watch animes, but some fear/responsibility not letting me delve into those. Game Development??? Another Big Question… Continue reading 2 years in Digient Technologies

Those Horrible Days

Last Friday night, I took my Mom to a nearby Clinic as it was paining in her leg. Everything went normal till we met the Doc. While speaking to the doc, my mom felt dizzied and she fainted. It was the first time, I saw my mom fainting down. I was very frightened and the… Continue reading Those Horrible Days


Hi, I am SaiYasodharan and I am Hardcore gamer and am maintaining a blog @ Apart from gaming, my interests are Programming, Space Science, Movies, Cartoons, Atheism and more….. I bought my Computer in the 2002. At that times, all I know in Computer is Doom 98, Road Rash, Mortal Kombat 4, Dave, Sky… Continue reading Awakening