A Hard day for me Yesterday

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As part of my daily routine, after waking up, I opened last chaos and was checking the items in Roy… Then I just opened up the friend list and was very surprised and excited to see the name RavenSwan in bright color, which means she is online. RavenSwan is a very great friend of mine in Last Chaos, but we lost contact as she suddenly stopped playing Last Chaos last year. Immediately I said hi and we greeted each other and I asked about Alseven, who is the friend of RavenSwan and also a friend of mine…

The words she told just broke my heart. She just told me Al was dead. He was killed while trying to save a few kids in warzone. I cant believe what i heard. Al is a very different kind of person and he is a fantastic personality. I know he is a army man and was going to warzone. But I never thought terrible things like this will happen, not to him. I know him just for like 4 or 5 days. But we had a very great time. For me, he is a man of ethic and principles and his words enlightened me about many faces of life. Its very hard for me to digest this fact. I was very upset and even dont know what to say to RavenSwan. Then we spoke for some time and I logged out.

The whole day I cant even concentrate on my project and was thinking about him. Because he is such a great man. Then I shared my grief with my friends Arun and Alex, which made some small relief to my heart.

Alseven… Your are a real Life Knight and You will live in our hearts forever

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