Project work is over finally

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Finished my final project review well and good. I made the presentation on Sunday evening in a hurry burry and it not even touched 30 slides along with the screenshots. Then, prepared my team mates for the demo. While preparing itself, I know for sure, they are gonna mess up.

On review, Viswaakshan Bharath Kumar batch started off first. Then we were called second. Actually, we planned that I ll start, Kalai selvan ll take over in the middle and then Gobi then final slides. But the external screwed us by changing our orders and making Gobi to explain the slides that was meant for me. As expected, he screwed up and he was laughing at the external. It was very hard for our external to grasp what we are doing. So, she shooted out so many questions and I explained her very well. Finally, we showed the demo and it was also didnt went as we expected.
2 months of my hard work got evaluated in just 20 minutes by a person who dont even know exactly what my project is. Anyway, I am happy that I finished my project on my own before the deadline and its working great(except a few minor bugs).
More technical details on my project here.

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