Happy Birthday Misa :-) :-D

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To the dream of my night,
To the life of my day,
To the vision of my Eye,
To the beat of my Heart,
To the Soul of my Life,

Wish you a Happy Happy Happy Birthday… 🙂
Wishing you a happiest, fulfilled, satisfied Life 😀 (y)

#BeHappy #FriendForEver #NeverLostFrienship

In some perspectives, 3 years seems like an Era.. In some perspectives, the storm that happened 3 years before seems it happened just 3 days back and still I could feel the HANG OVER.

Deeply wish from the bottom of my heart, you moved miles away from the dark times and living happily somewhere in the Universe…

And you Buffalo, I know YOU WERE FOLLOWING MY BLOG !!! Not sure what happened now !!!

I am still the same person and guess, I will be the same for next 3 decades.. Your Life, Your Decision, Your Hands… Whatever it is, I will stand with you, no matter what (as always) !!!
Feel free to contac, anytime for anything 😀 🙂

– Kira (Not L), the one who failed Justice once, but will never now !!!

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