TN Weatherman – Pradeep John – An Egoist?

2 days back our beloved Tamil Nadu Weatherman made a post in his Facebook page. The gist of the post is `Climate Change is a Myth`. I decided long back not to put any meaningful time on Climate Change for sometime and focus on what I do right now, which is GrassrotosApp. But as a… Continue reading TN Weatherman – Pradeep John – An Egoist?

Adra Adra !!!

My dream is to develop games, that reflects Indian Culture, Indian History and based on Indian Myths and exclusively targeted for Indian Audience. AdraAdra: So, I decided a long back to develop a simple, much localized Facebook game. My friend Jyothiswaroop tagged along with me. We started this “Adra Adra” project some 4 months back.… Continue reading Adra Adra !!!