The Great Reset – The long awaited Solo Trek

The Great Reset Though it was seeded in the 2007-2008 economic crisis era, The Great Reset is only accelerated in 2020, thanks to Covid-19. The UN, The Governments across the world, the Corporates are all talking about it now. That’s a Great reset on the World affairs. On the other end of the Cosmos, which is inside… Continue reading The Great Reset – The long awaited Solo Trek

Climate Change – What an Individual can do?

If you have a good picture of `Climate Change` or atleast had read my previous posts on Climate Change, then proceed with this post. Otherwise, I would recommend to read my previous posts. CO2 Emissions Before going into the details of what an Individual can do, let’s first understand the sources of CO2 emissions. The… Continue reading Climate Change – What an Individual can do?

ECR Forest Exploration @ Night

A 2 year wish fulfilled 🙂 It was almost 2 years ago since I ventured into Pine forest in ECR before Mahabalipuram. Since that time, I wanted to explore the same mini forest @ night. I am all fine with Cycling alone in Moonlight in ECR. Actually I find that very very beautiful rather than scary.… Continue reading ECR Forest Exploration @ Night

Green Game

I developed this game Green last year to compete in the Imagine Cup 09 Competition hosted by Microsoft and I got selected for Semi-Finals. This is a 2D scrolling Role Playing Game, that brings awareness about some problems, our world is facing, such as Pollution, AIDS, Terrorism. In this Game, the players plays the role… Continue reading Green Game