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I developed this game Green last year to compete in the Imagine Cup 09 Competition hosted by Microsoft and I got selected for Semi-Finals.

This is a 2D scrolling Role Playing Game, that brings awareness about some problems, our world is facing, such as Pollution, AIDS, Terrorism. In this Game, the players plays the role of a forest officer. The Forest Officer is newly appointed in a forest department, where there are so many problems like frequest forest fire(may be because of local Naxalites), Animal Poaching, Heavy Pollution(because of industrial advancements), AIDS and much more. The Objective of this game is to provide entertainment along with imparting knowledge about the current world problems. Also, some solutions are given through this game to solve those problems.

This is only a DEMO game and many features are not yet implemented and graphics are also not at its full form. I dropped developing this game as the Competition got over a long back…

Download Link:

This game requires .Net Framework 2.0 and XNA Framework 2.0 to run.

A few screenshots:

Thanks to Makesh, Sridhar and Kiran for helping me with graphics.

Green is the game that got selected into Semi Finals of Game Development Competition of Imagine Cup 09, held by Microsoft.

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