Climate Change – What an Individual can do?

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If you have a good picture of `Climate Change` or atleast had read my previous posts on Climate Change, then proceed with this post. Otherwise, I would recommend to read my previous posts.

CO2 Emissions

Before going into the details of what an Individual can do, let’s first understand the sources of CO2 emissions.

The above Pie chart gives you a rough %s of CO2 emissions. There are 1000s reports / studies out there with varying numbers for above categories. But there wont be any wide difference though.

Now let’s go into the details.

Electricity Generation

Our Governments should switch to Clean renewable energy. That’s what they are all discussing (still) in each year UN’s Climate summit. But let’s look at Individuals actions:  

  1. Use LED Light bulbs in home.
  2. Turn off your Monitor, Lights, Fans and all Electrical appliances when not in use.
  3. If you can afford, If possible, put a Solar roof in your terrace and generate your own clean electricity.
  4. Chose Political leaders, who promise to make transition to Clean energy. Dear Indians, Our political leaders of major parties are not even aware of Climate Change issues, as we all are. We all are fucked!

Manufacturing and Industries

  1. Individuals got no Say here. It’s upto the Industry leaders


  1. Use Public Transport.
  2. Cycle, Walk to places. Use your body, for what it evolved to do. You ll be healthier!


  1. Go Vegan. Not even Vegetarian, but Vegan.
  2. And this is the hardest transformation I am trying to make, but still fail miserably!
  3. If u think going Vegetarian is hard, try Vegan, then u ll know the pain 🙁

ok. You should be getting a Q. How what I eat, impact the Climate? Good. See pics below:

Grow forests

  1. I didnt mean Tree plantation drives in the Cities and Metropolitons.
  2. Planting 1000, 10K tress are not enough to reverse the CO2 imbalance.
  3. We literally need to grow Forests, consisting of Crores of trees and an ecosystem.
  4. You can’t do this as a Volunteering activity in weekend.
  5. You need to make your life out of it. Sounds Crazy? Learn about Sadhana Forest.
  6. Wow. My 10 days in Sadhana Forest. Enlightening experiences.

Understand Politics, Understand your world

  1. This single thing will shed much light on many things.
  2. Start with your local issues, then state wide Politics.
  3. Then try understanding why Modi is flying to all countries, rather than making Meme and make fun.
  4. Then understand the ultimate global Organization, `United Nations` and what they do.

Above points are not just for Climate Change, but will open up many things.


Usually I add much reasoning and try making my posts most informative as possible. But this post is Completel Ulta. For I have chose not to follow up close on `Climate Change` and lose my sleep over it. So dont expect, any posts on Climate Change going forward.

Even making this post for my concerned frrends, who have been asking me, `What an Individual can do about Climate Change?` Guess I answered to some extent. To know more just google `Individual action for Climate Change`

Going forward

  1. I am gonna quit closely followup on `Climate Change` news.
  2. Except for the upcoming Thalaivar Al Gore’s Documentary.
  3. Then following up November’s UN Climate Summit @ Germany

Guess I understood the problem little enough, to make myself a roadmap for it for next couple of years. Now I should put ALL MY EFFORTS into realizing that Roadmap, before exploring deep into this again.

Unsubscribing from all `Climate Change News points` 🙁

Some of my friends will be now very much relieved. No more mid night calls and venting out on `Climate Change` issue and crazy ideas!

Just 1 last news:

A big Glacier has been breaking off in Antarctica for some time and it might completely break off any day. More @ Modiji, You keep up your plans of tripling our Coal production!   Bye bye!

Ending with my Favorite quote from my Gurunadha!

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